Wedding Album Designing

With a strong team of creative designers, we offer to add emotions to all your candid photos, be it a traditional wedding or the enriched modern ceremony with our customized designing to match up to your customers expectations.

Our uniqueness lies in helping you bring out your work by converting albums into their bonding story.

We offer following themes in designing of albums:


  • Most simplistic form of design
  • Photos are not blended
  • Photos are not overlapped
  • Use of Black or White solid color as background


  • Subtle use of Blending modes
  • Subtle use of borders
  • Overlapping Images and Masks
  • Use of photos as Backgrounds


  • Subtle use of Blending modes
  • Use of borders and overlapping images
  • Use of photos (blurred or otherwise) as backgrounds
  • More customization of ‘ELEGANCE’ design style


  • Heavy use of Blending Modes
  • Heavy use of Masks and Borders
  • Use of photos (and its edited versions) as background
  • Additional Backgrounds to give each page a highly customized look