Color Correction services include required corrections such as brightness and contrast, white balance, highlights and shadows, red eye removal, level corrections  to achieve quality photo. Our Color correction company brings out the color enhancements and color tones in a photograph in the most natural and vibrant form out of the raw images.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

This photo is from a Pre Wedding Shoot. The photo was color corrected to adjust proper white balance, giving it warmth to bring out apt screen tones

Couple Shots

Color Correcting to adjust white balance properly. Bring out the details in the clouds and bring down the shadows in the trees to enhance the overall photo.

Maternity Shoot

Adjusting White Balance, Exposure and working on the details in the back ground to enhance the photo to the optimum.

Family Shoot

Post processing the photo for to get the correct white balance, exposure bringing back the highlights to get the details on the face.