Custom Wedding Album Design Services

Done with your photo shoot? You must be having a series of amazing shots varying from hundreds to thousands! How about, while you are busy photo shooting, we at the backend are handling your wedding post production tasks? We, at Album Design Store, believe in sharing the work load of photographers and studios, to make your post production services effortless. This comes with an added advantage of you getting more time to focus on your core i.e. photography.

Ok, so the next question pops up is how on Earth will we be able to match your style? We are sure you are worried about the creativity part. However, you will be delighted to know, we are quick in grasping up your taste, blending with your brand in true sense to reflect your style in all our post production services. We are always open to your ideas and inputs.

. Due to several limitations with the various album design software, we choose to design custom albums with personal touch in Photoshop in a way that each spread and the album in whole comes out one of its kind. Our mission is to help you deliver a stress free, conceptualized wedding album to your clients with a turnaround time of 2 working days.

We have a decade of experience designing wedding albums right from minimalistic and creative to timeless and balanced regional weddings. The core DNA of our design team is to create design trends by producing exquisite album spreads for every customer. After all wedding is a personalized affair!

Unlike the common way of album designing, using the same layouts repeatedly, we work towards building diverse wedding album spreads emphasizing the theme of each spread adding different tones and emotions in the wedding album. We are against stuffing up the wedding album with many photographs since it kills the elegance and timeless taste of the Album.

These are some of our Album Design styles we offer:

1.Classic – White Background / No over lapping images / 6-12 images per spread

Custom Wedding Album Design Services

2.Elegance – Image, texture, color but majorly images in Background / no over lapping images / Images may have border / 5-7 images per spread

Wedding Album Designer

3.Grace – images in Background / images may slightly overlap / Images may have border / 3-5 images per spread.

Wedding album design India

4.Guestbook – image or white background / overlapping images / 3-4 images per spread (can make with or without lines), see sample here

Wedding Album Design Company India

It is very important to us that our clients feel at ease to talk with us about the smallest details, and because of this we have repeatedly exceeded our client’s expectations. Be it culling images from hundreds of photographs, or designing the wedding story without being over crowded, we would love to help you bring out the best of your work for your clients!