High Quality Photo Restoration & Old Photo Restoration Services

Photo Restoration Services

Album Design Store is one of the best Photo Restoration Services Company based in India that offer high quality photo enhancement & old photo restoration services at very affordable cost. We repair & restore old photos, vintage photos, damaged photos and blurred photos with advanced photo restoration techniques to give a fresh look to the image. Outsource photo restoration or image restoration & old photo repair services to Album Design Store and improve image quality to eye-catching image.

While we enjoy retouching the high-end photography, we prefer to demonstrate our ability to provide professional results on challenging, unpredictable photos. In our portfolio you’ll view a variety of realistic requests, challenges, and client types.

Old Photo Restoration Services

The photo is more than 50 years old! A lot of important details like faces of the people sitting were reconstructed to give a fresh look to the image.

Old Image Restoration Services

Photo Restoration Services

High-Quality Photo Restoration Services

Old Photo Restoration Services

Photo Restoration and Repair Services

Album Design store is a photo post production company with over a decade of experience in editing, photo restoring, and colorizing photos digitally i.e. Digital Photo Restoration.

Our Photo Restoration Service includes, Restoration and Repair of Old Photographs (removing tape, recreating missing information, repairing tears and water damage) – Beauty/Cosmetic Retouching (reducing blemishes or imperfections) – Subject Isolation (removing backgrounds).

We have been restoring photographs for individuals, institutions as well as museums & historical societies. If disaster strikes your cherished photographs – whether it be in the form of flood, fire, accident, ultraviolet rays or Fido has it for lunch – there is hope. We can rebuild a digital copy of your damaged photo with our Quality Photo Restoration services.

Be it basic Photo Restoration which includes minor repairs removals, colour adjustments or advanced Photo Repair and Restoration comprising of few of the following:

  • Remove Objects or people from a photo
  • Partially missing image reconstruct (where possible)
  • Restore or retouch images
  • Noise or paper pattern improvement (or removal where possible)
  • Red eye and or scar removal
  • Colour or gamma correction
  • Convert black and white to sepia to make photo look aged, or from colour to black and white
  • Repairing scratches, tears and creases
  • Colorization
  • Restoring faded photographs
  • Mending torn-up photos
  • Recreating missing parts
  • Remove mould, spotting and stain damage
  • Fixing pictures stuck to glass
  • Enlarging and enhancing small images
  • Wedding Album Restoration

All realistic expectations of fixing the photos is met by us be it repairing individual photos or group photo restorations.

Golden Rule: If you give us a high-quality image(s), the final product will be better.