Retouching in itself is a very broad spectrum to offer services under. Our endeavor is to reach to every last inch of this spectrum to offer services to our clients that can add value to them, below are a few that we offer:

  • Color Correction – The basic service we offer is color correction. We understand that every photographer has their own preferences. Some need neutral to warm tones while others cool; some need highly vibrant and saturated imagery while others avoid deeply saturated images. We can adapt to your editing styles and offer results that match your requirements and saves you time.
  • De-clutter – At times the requirement is to remove the unwanted ‘passive’ subjects from the background. However passive or unwanted they may be, you need an experienced and skill set of hands that lays no trace of ‘them’ being in the photo in the first place!
  • Adding Clouds – It often happens that when you have booked your customer for an out door shoot, the sky gods has to play spoil sport. What you get is a mundane flat blur sky. For all those occasions we are here to make sure we give a tough competition to sky gods !!
  • Skin Retouch – One of the specialty that we offer. From basic blemish and wrinkles removals to high end skin retouching to make the subject look younger, beautiful and elegant. And achieving all this while not letting the photo look photoshoped or edited !
  • Photo Enhancements – Well, frankly, its a combination of all the things we discussed above. Correcting the color of the photo to get the natural tones, declutting the ‘extras’, adding clouds if need be, correcting the perspectives and adding an extra layer to make sure that you have a highly customized photo that’s beautifully enhanced.

Please visit our retouching Portfolio to see what we are doing in this space.

P.S. – We use non-destructive technique to edit all our photos.