Video Editing - Assorted Cameras


Have you ever wondered how to turn your video footage into a captivating wedding movie?

Ask any photographer cinematographer, and they’ll likely tell you that every great video is made during the video post-production stage. That’s when raw footage starts to come together as a story, becomes meaningful and transforms into a great film.

All you have to do is send us the footage from any wedding you shot, and our team can turn it into a spectacular movie for you. And don’t worry; you’ll still be in charge. We do our best to understand what you’re looking for, adapt to your taste and deliver only a finished product that is to your satisfaction.


We offer three types of movies, considering the required length:

  • A Highlight or Trailer (3-6 minutes) with all the best clips and footage,
    • A Highlight follows the chronology of the events of the day
    • A Trailer is amalgamation of all the great footage that goes with the music
  • A Wedding Film (30-45 minutes) highlighting all the important events, or
  • A Long Play Video (90-180 minutes) covering all the details of the wedding.


Here’s how we turn your special moments into special memories

–  We receive your raw footage The Video Editor organizes the footages MultiCam, Music, Sound Bytes, creates a storyboard and finally goes through any details of the job that you have asked for.

–  Then, we edit the footage using Adobe Premiere Pro, and dive into the details. We do color correction and grading, but also take care to include desired captions, titles, animations, vfx or special effects.

–  From our wide repository of soundtracks from all genres, we do the music editing to creatively get the beat going in sync with the visuals.

– Also the interviews of the Groom, Bride, Vows and all the important Speech from the Toasts (especially of the Best Man) are edited, synced and included in the film

–  We then take your feedback and work on iterations with you, to be able to finally give you a wedding movie crafted to perfection.

–  We send the finished product to you in as many video formats as you request.

If you’re looking to partner with the right video production company, we’re here for you! Schedule a call with us, and let us help you get it right from the get-go.