Flush Mount Album with LCD Screen

One of the albums in our executive series is this Album with unique briefcase looking packaging. Its charm lies in the 10” LED screen, a Pen and a USB cable. Comes with 1 GB space for data. Supports photos, videos and slideshows.

Flush Mount Album with Crystal Flash Drive

This complete package comes with a High End box that includes a Album, A Pocket Book, A 32 GB Toshiba Crystal Pen Drive (with name of couple engraved) and Hi-End Pen. Also comes with a consistent coloured carry bag. (Product Code SDB 01)

Flush Mount Album

One of the rarest Albums in our Collection is this Plain Pure White Album with the Couple’s name printed on it, along with a box and cover. The box opens like a Laptop, reflecting its own distinct Class. Multiple Color options available. (Product Code: WH01)

Flush Mount Album

A traditional Door Shaped Packaging outshines this Product. There is an Acrylic Cameo on the box of the Album that stretches for the length of the Box. The cover of the album is full-scape acrylic. On of the best selling albums we have. (Product Code: BCB 01)

Leather Album with Mini Book

This Package comes with a Mini Book that fits right in the Box. A craftily binded album with Acrylic Window on the Cover as well as the Box.
(Product code: GBP 02)

Flush Mount Album with Mini Book

One of the second offerings in our portfolio where the Mini Book and the Album fits right with in the Packaging. This highly crafted album comes with a consisted colored color bag as well.  (Product Code: SDB 02)

Linen Albums

This package is part of our Linen Series. This entire package is made of Linen including the Cover, Packaging and Bag. This product is available in multiple color options.

Flush Mount Albums

This Albums comes with a Detachable Glass Cover using Magnets on the 4 corners giving the Packaging of Album a Transparent look. Also comes with a consistent colored carry bag. (Product Code: GB 01)

Flush Mount Album for Portraits

The albums is specifically to showcase your individual portraits nicely. The package comes with 8 mounts and 2 set of stands (4 in total). 1 set to have to mounts stand on floor/table and the other to hand on wall.

Flush Mount Album

Printed cover albums with various colors and patterns available. An economic album, nice option for parent books, anniversary and sweet sixteen 16 albums. (Product Code: FLP Series)

Flush Mount Album

Flush Mount luxury fabric album with acrylic cameo. This Album is part of our Economical Series and comes with a consistent colored cover and Packaging. (Product Code SA 2201)

Gift Album

This unique package comes with an Album that is folded like a calendar and put in an Encircled Wooden Packaging that comes with it.