Our Bestselling Photo Albums for Weddings of Every Flavor

When it comes to wedding photos, memory cards and hard drives just don’t make the mark alone. Immortalizing memories of the special day in a photo album has retained its charm ever since photographers started clicking couples. Even today, wedding photographers find that couples immediately take shine to the wedding photo album.

There are hundreds of album specifications out there, however, finding the perfect album is the key. It could be a unique fabric or leather cover, or a larger capacity for holding hundreds of shots, or unique customization options within the layout, or attractively tech savvy such as a LED Screen Album.

How to zero in on the best photo album?

Finding a cover and style that can highlight the best moments while thematically complementing the couples seems like a hard task. At Album Design Store, we make this choice easy with our detailed categories of photo albums that can cater to weddings of every flavor.

Bestselling wedding photo albums have certain features that speak quality at first glance. As a wedding photographer, never compromise on showcasing your art in the best possible light. Here are certain parameters:

  • Cover: A range of options exist, such as, full acrylic cover or glass cover, full leather, or a leather cover with an acrylic window. The quality of the cover contributes to durability of the album. At the same time, it makes the first style statement.
  • Structure: Wedding photo albums are family heirlooms and should have sturdy binding and spine, firm corners, seamless spread without gaps and joints. No amount of fancy customization can save a poorly bound photo album.
  • Paper quality: Choose a variant that would match the template look. Album Design Store uses three archival-quality paper variants such as Matte, Silk, and Metallic. We know that a better quality of paper keeps the photographs in good condition for years to come.
  • Presentation: An album that comes in a boutique packaging such as album boxes, bags and presentation cases immediately convey a feeling of richness and robustness. Our range of signature albums with custom-designed presentation boxes is guaranteed to complement any wedding theme.

An album to match your wedding flavor

Wedding photo albums should portray a sense of exclusivity. This can be attained through customizations in cover, paper quality, and presentation. If a couple prefers the traditional and classic look, this leather album pleated with wooden strip both on the cover as well as the folio box is ideal. Further personalize it with name and dates embossed, and you can impress your clients with a bespoke item.

Leather albums are gorgeous due to their real sense of luxury. High-quality, handcrafted leather cover photo albums in portrait, square and landscape orientations with different paper choices will appeal to couples opting for the old-world, classy weddings.

Acrylic cover albums are great choices for contemporary vibes that allow a feature photo to be printed on the cover. The choices for the acrylic covers include the full cover, panoramic, or a large or small window. The images embedded on the cover have a glossy, enhanced finish to highlight it.

A truly modern choice would be the Transparent Acrylic Box With 3.0 Flash Drive. The specialty of this album presentation box is the beautiful acrylic see-through folio wrap that holds the album and USB. A sleek look with practical ease of use where both modes of viewing the photos is close at hand.

Enhance your studio offering

Our range of wedding albums span luxury and high-quality, to selective mid-range options that can suit all needs and budgets. Albums are best preserved when stored flat and presentation boxes are the best way to protect these wedding memories. With Album Design Store, you can match every wedding flavor while also enhancing the life of their photos. Every photographer’s effort can only profit from our range of craftsmanship.

Bestselling photo albums make an ideal pitch to remember a photographer’s contribution to the wedding. Inspire your clients to create an heirloom!

5 Tips for Memorable Wedding Photo Albums

A wedding photo album has to be nothing short of perfect and unforgettable. After all, it will be the one telling the story of the wedding as it unfolds every precious moment of the special day. As a photographer, you have given your best to capture the magic of the day, now let it all shine through a printed wedding album that clients will fawn over.

A photo album is the best advertisement and PR that any wedding photographer could hope for. Make it count and you too will score a place in future client recommendations.

Here are five tips for memorable wedding photo albums.

Choose the best shots

Of course, the clients will have their favorites. However, nothing can beat a photographer’s instincts. A professional eye will choose technically perfect clicks and objective images that capture the high drama as well as intimate moments. Choose the best detail, shots that capture mood, décor, and dress-up subtleties, portrait shots of family and wedding party.

Tell the story in perfect order

Making chronological sense as the photos appear in the album is important. Tell the story with the required build-up right up to the ultimate moment. Agreed that the ‘I do’ moment is the star but so are the many events that precede it. Clients are touched as photo brings back memories of their special day.

Arrivals of faraway relatives and old friends, the rehearsal dinner, the catching up on cocktail parties, the buzz of the bridesmaids and the groom’s men, the first dance, the cake cutting, and so on. As the special day progresses through the photos, the wedding album will be a treasure chest of fond stories.

Go on a layout adventure

Design an eclectic layout and choose multiple size formats for wedding photo albums. Photographers and videographers, especially those dealing with wedding clients, always suggest that an important moment should be aptly highlighted. Think of a full page spread for the ‘walking down the aisle’ moment or call attention to the ‘vow taking’ and ‘first kiss’ moments with a double page story.

Interesting and playful layouts, different sizes, and arrangements make wedding albums visually appealing. It also makes for a memorable album that plays up important aspects, and also provides spaces for fun and exciting memories. This is a key to create a really good wedding album.

Opt for a customized cover

Personalize the wedding album to make it expressly mirror your client’s preferences. Choose a custom cover that will make your clients and their family and friends automatically reach for it. A wedding album is an emotional record, go for a cover that would speak to the couple. Think of an acrylic cover with their favorite photo, or an acrylic window at the center of the album, or a wooden plate on a leatherette cover with embossed initials, date, etc.

Score the perfect wedding album with presentation boxes

Wedding albums have a certain sacredness and should be treated as such. Presentation boxes elevate wedding albums into heirlooms that are considered priceless. Apart from protection, they also add a touch of luxury, and exclusiveness to them. From leather and transparent acrylic boxes to dedicated flash drive slots, presentation boxes take the wedding album game several notches above.

The range of presentation boxes found in the Album Design Store include elegant boxes and photo albums with lay flat binding. With professional-quality paper and printing, they are designed to be enjoyed and last for generations.

Offer the best designed wedding album

They easily speak volumes about a photographer’s dedication to his or her craft. They also make a great impression on clients who realize how practical and poetically beautiful they are. A memorable wedding album shows how you as a photographer have honored their big day. It deserves to be displayed in a keepsake that matches all the effort and emotion that went into it.

Why Our Custom USB/HDD Boxes Are More Than Pretty Keepsakes for Your Digital Products

There’s no doubt that the demand for digital photos is at an all-time high. Your clients are asking for it. The never-before convenience of being able to save thousands of memories from their special day in tiny USB sticks and share them with the world is fascinating to them! 

The rise of digital might have caused a dip in the popularity of printed albums. But prints are far from obsolete. No matter how much we hear those digital vs print debates, the fact remains the same that even the best high-definition image files can’t match the touch and feel of printed photographs. Prints are, and will always remain, the first choice of the most discerning couples. 

At the same time, digital is the hot new favorite in the wedding photography landscape. Let’s just say, there’s a market for both and as a smart business owner, you should be ready to cater to both.   

However, even if you are mostly selling digital photos, it doesn’t excuse you from paying attention to customer experience. If anything, it is what will help you set yourself apart from other photography businesses. So, if all you’ve been doing is arranging your best shots in a hard drive and handing it to the client, you’ve been leaving money on the table!    

Not anymore. 

With our USB/HDD boxes, you can elevate the way you serve your digital files. These specialty boxes are crafted to help you present your digital products distinctly with style. 

Why Our Combo USBHDD Boxes Are More Than Pretty Keepsakes for Your Digital Products I

Discover the Value of Presenting Stunningly Packaged Digital Products 

There’s a reason why brands spend millions of dollars in perfecting their packaging. And, it goes way beyond the aesthetics. 

Sure, beautiful packaging is pretty to the eyes. But their impact goes deeper than that. Masterful presentation enhances the experience of customers while reinforcing the value of the purchase. Simply put, people equate premium packaging with high quality. 

So, if you want your services to be perceived as “premium” or “high-end”, you need to up your presentation game.

Our collection of USB and HDD cases are handcrafted to perfection, which allows you to create the right impression much before a client has seen the photos. Each box has an impeccable finish and is designed to hold either a USB stick alone or a hard disk drive and its cable — everything secured perfectly into a fitted slot. Rest assured, they are a perfect prelude to your brilliant shots. 

The Enduring “Wow” Factor 

In today’s era where people are sharing their lives on social media, the excitement around digital files is awfully short-lived. In a week or so, no one will remember the photos posted on Facebook or Instagram. The USB drive will be stored away in a drawer and forgotten. 

However, it’s a whole different story when the digital files are housed in a beautiful presentation box that evokes the spirit of celebration. With the design, the color, and the custom etching, these premium boxes serve as a constant reminder of the special feelings and memories of the day. 

Take Advantage of Custom Branding  

The outstanding quality and finish of these boxes is rivalled only by the amount of customizations you can play around with. Besides the option of selecting from an assortment of classic tones, you can go ahead and get these boxes printed with the name or logo of your studio. Your can even get your clients’ names etched on the lid of the boxes in a variety of fonts or have them adorned in motifs.   

Nothing markets you better than a delighted client. And, having your products branded is one of the surest ways to get recommended. 

Final Blow-Up to Your Bottom Line

Goes without saying, digital files — just like your other products — should be profitably priced. But your digital files should ideally be your most expensive product, given the slash in your earning potential that comes from handing all your digital files to clients. A premium handcrafted USB box sweetens the deal by offering more value to clients.

4 Signs You Are Working With the Right Wedding Album Printing Company

There’s no doubt that selling prints can be one of the most vital revenue stream for your photography business. As a wedding photographer, printed albums are easily the most obvious way to extend your profit margin beyond the shooting session. 

Besides, giving your clients a tangible experience that they’ll cherish for years to come, albums serve as your ultimate PR tool. A well-made album with premium look and feel is often the best way to display a photographer’s creativity. At the same time, it preserves the best moments and memories from the special day, telling the couple’s story in a beautiful and cohesive manner. 

Because of how important albums are, you must put in serious thought into choosing the right album company you’d want to partner with. Whether you’re already working with someone or looking to hire an album company, knowing they are the best for your business can be tough.  

There are many different styles and types of albums, at different price points on offer. Working with a company that doesn’t match your expectations or fails to deliver on the promises can waste valuable time and money, especially during a busy wedding season.

Zeroing in on the right company seems daunting, right? Not anymore. 

Let us spell out some signs which will tell if an album design company is right for you.

  1. It has a vast array of customization options and album covers

No two clients are alike. If one client would prefer a classic leatherette cover album, another would prefer a sleek one with an acrylic window, and still, another would want theirs as an earthy linen handcrafted piece. 

In the same way, you might want to offer your clients the best medium for your clicks. If your album company can offer various personalizing elements and different variety of prints, you are working with the right one.

 3 Signs Youre Working With the Right Wedding Album Design Company Inside Blog 1

2. It has the right balance of traditional and modern

Albums make for an emotional keepsake. Also, nothing beats showing an album to friends and family when you want to revisit the special day. However, this age of social media display and online records requires digital copies as well. 

A reliable and reputed album company will give equal weightage and design consideration to the digital photo collection as well. Think, digital photo albums that have sleek leather covering or wooden details with detachable LED screens, or albums with dedicated USB slots and cases. If your wedding album company also offers custom album designing, you know you are working with the right company!

3 Signs Youre Working With the Right Wedding Album Design Company Inside Blog 2

3. It has affordable pricing and provides discounted samples 

As a photographer, offering albums to clients should add handsomely to your bottom line. This only occurs if your album design and printing company is giving you quality products in reasonable pricing. The right company will have flexibility in choosing services that you require, making it a more cost-effective proposition for you. Most importantly, they should offer sample/studio books at attractive discounts for you to display, a mutually beneficial offer.

4. It helps you wow your clients — from prints to presentation 

A photographer’s job does not end with a photo shoot. You need to present your shots beautifully and pay attention to how you package the final product for delivery. It all adds up to create that delightful experience that every client desires. Working with an album design company that knows the importance of good packaging is worth its weight in gold! We, for instance, have an entire range of premium handcrafted album presentation boxes that not only enhance the beauty of our printed albums but also serve as an amazing branding tool for your business.

Make an informed decision

Album Design Store has been working with numerous professionals for a decade now. As a leading album printing company, we help photographers and videographers create unique, customized album designs for their clients’ wedding. Our services range from custom designing album layouts to printing—we are a one-stop-solution.

If you are a wedding photographer, working with us will guarantee happy customers and growth in business. We excel in finest quality albums with variety of options for covers and presentations boxes. 

After all, albums are not just printed photos but an heirloom of moments steeped in emotion. The right company translates this in their products! 

Let our streamlined process take away all your post-production burden and deliver a great product at affordable prices. Just focus on your shots and leave everything else to us!

5 Foolproof Ways to Make Your Clients Want a Printed Album

Many clients these days are happy to just receive digital copies of their photos. Of course, it goes to show how the consumers and the industry have evolved with time. But it hasn’t killed the demand for printed albums. After all, printed albums are matchless in the way they heighten the experience for the client and present the artistry of the photographer in full glory. 

That’s not all. While a printed album combines the creativity and professionalism of a photographer’s craft, it also makes for significant appreciation in business profits. As a photographer, especially if you’re dealing with wedding clients, you can achieve thriving growth in your photography business by selling albums to your clients. 

Whet their desire for a printed album

There is a reason we fondly remember the family moments where flipping through albums and telling the associated stories were afternoons and evenings of delight. Help your clients see the value of printed Signature albums becoming a part of their personal histories. 

Here are five ways to make your clients want a printed album.

1. Start with the samples themselves

Often, clients don’t realize that they need an album until they touch and feel one. Studio album samples should be of high-quality craftsmanship so that clients fall in love with the product. Every photographer should include a range of customized designs so that the right one clicks for a client. For instance, our Leather Album with Presentation Box from our professional collection for photographers is a bestselling studio sample.  

5 Foolproof Ways to Make Your Clients Want a Printed Album

2. Champion the framing of moments today for the stories of tomorrow 

Social media will get the carefully posed and the best poised pictures. They will not have all the scenes of the story, and the story is important. 

From the carefully selected favors and table flowers, to the deep discussions about song selection, the bride’s apprehension just before the gown, the groom’s nervous laughter with his best man, the parents sitting together in thought, the cousin’s mistimed joke, the best friend’s awkward dance—so many moments make an occasion special. All these can go into an album, and become the bestseller that comes out at every gathering.

3. Sell the idea of an heirloom that will always be present

Online pictures can be shared wide but once you scroll away, they lie almost untouched in the marked folder. Besides, who is to say that the same social media platforms and storage devices will remain in use years late? Wedding books however, will always be around to flip through. 

In short, scrolling through the photos of their D-day doesn’t even compare to the experience of flipping the pages of a handcrafted heirloom album.

5 Foolproof Ways to Make Your Clients Want a Printed Album

4. Include printed albums in the package

Budget will be an important point of consideration for many clients. You can easily glide over this by including album designing and printing in the photography package itself. Since ordering later or separately turns out costlier, many clients are convinced to take it up.

5. Make it difficult to refuse and easier to buy

It really is a two-way approach. Many photographers often go ahead and pre-design a lavish spread either as a sample or as a draft before the final design. When clients have this tangible experience, it becomes impossible to let go. Second, include incentives, freebies, installment payment options, etc. so that clients are more inclined to buy.  

Clients trust photographers to capture the best moments of their special days, they will certainly trust them when they show the best way to present those memories as well.

Albums always click

As photographer you should remember that approaching the sale with the right intent will invariably lead to clients choosing to purchase an album. Don’t just sell a product, make a client see the value of an album as a timeless treasure. 

At Album Design Store, we can ease the whole pitch for you with our luxurious range of printed albums. We produce albums in acrylic to leather or linen finishes, have deluxe presentation boxes with glass and wood detailing, and manufacture high-quality prints in gloss and matte papers. Let us help you make your own album line a profitable reality!

The Power of Sample Albums for Your Photography Business

Printed photo albums have a special place in our hearts! They don’t just let you preserve your special memories but do it with absolute style and finesse. Even in these days of digital photos, printed albums have held on to their own timeless appeal and, in all probability, will continue to do so.   

As a wedding photographer, a big chunk of your profitability and brand reputation lies in printed albums and how well you’re able to sell them. Believe it or not, one of the secrets to selling more albums is having a studio sample. Here’s why. 

Without sample albums, you are losing a lot of business

If you’ve never made sample albums a part of your client-meeting essentials, you’ve probably made a costly mistake. While it may seem like you’ve saved an unnecessary expense, in reality, you have killed a potential revenue source.

Showing photo album options on your tablet or laptop cannot match the hands-on tangible feeling. It is like asking clients to imagine the luxury feel, and high-quality print of a Leather Album with Presentation Box. You cannot expect your clients to buy things they haven’t experienced. 

Sample albums in your studio show your clients the value of preserving their photo memories in an album forever. If they can’t touch, feel and flip through an album, they won’t connect to it. An experience can, and often does, sell itself. Without a sample, a photographer has lost that sale!

The Power of Sample Albums for Your Photography Business

How sample albums play a role in growing your photography business

All in all, sample albums are a fantastic visual to convince and impress your clients. In fact, it’s a massive opportunity to make your sales increase and advertise your brand through the channel of albums. 

Many new couples are unaware of the rich options available in photo albums. Grab this opportunity to introduce it to them and educate them. A selection of sample albums for them to feel and experience at that moment could only open up their eyes to a possibility they might not have considered, but even more. A stunningly-crafted sample album can effectively conjure a desire for having “something like that for my wedding”. Thus, a sample may simply lead to a sale.

Invest in sample albums starting from standard, included in your package, to luxe ones that can be upgraded to and watch your investment pay off.

The Power of Sample Albums for Your Photography Business

What’s seen is sold

When it comes to enticing clients to buy albums, sample albums get the message right into their head, and sometimes even to their hearts. To strike an emotional connection, clients experiencing a sample album is a really important bit.   

Something as significant and precious as an album must be felt so that clients understand what they’re going to get. Sample albums downright display the way special moments will be portrayed. They let clients feel the luxurious quality of leather, or the chic look of acrylic with glass window, or the sense of secureness a sturdy and classy hardcover provides. 

At the end of the day, showing is selling. Contemporary designs, textured quality, high-resolution prints, they all have an appeal. An appeal that gives sample albums a power to convert hesitating clients, and impress those that have a penchant for high-end personalization. 

Place a sample album in your client’s hand, it will sell itself

Albums still represent a nostalgia that everybody connects with. When wedding clients pick up sample albums, it usually connects them to memories of their parents’ and grandparents’ wedding albums. This can be a great point of initiating a sale.

At Album Design Store there are a range of albums with various customization options to choose from. From presentation boxes to material choices in hard glass or acrylic covers, your clients will find themselves drawn to finalize at least one to elevate their experience. 

Maximize your profit by including albums in your package. All you need to do is display your art by investing in beautiful and unique sample albums in your studio. It’s how you get your clients to realize that a printed album is what they need.

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3 Ways to Communicate the Value of Albums to Your Clients

Take Your Wedding Album Packaging from Basic to Brilliant with Presentation Boxes

There’s a reason why product reviews also include comments about the packaging of the product. Good or bad—presentation matters. Beautiful packaging reinforces the value of the purchase. 

As a photographer, you can gain a lot from better packaging solutions — especially so, if you’re dealing with wedding clients. High-quality photography should be profitably priced and accordingly perceived by clients. This perception can — and should be effectively driven through the premium presentation.

Therefore, giving importance to your photo packaging can do wonders in terms of elevating your clients’ experience, which, in turn, can enhance the way they perceive your brand and services. 

The presentation shows how much a photographer values his own work

The lackluster presentation does not elicit a favorable reaction in customers. The way a product is delivered can speak volumes about your brand and where you position yourself in the market. 

This is why sparing some thought and investment into photo packaging can be a game-changer for your business. And, while there are many packaging options, nothing screams “high-value” quite as much as premium, handcrafted album boxes like the ones we lovingly design here at Album Design Store.

Let’s look at some of the killer advantages they hold for you as a photographer.

They give your brand a boost

Take Your Wedding Album Packaging from Basic to Brilliant with Presentation Boxes

Packaging your photos with attractively designed albums and boxes is a surefire way to make a statement. Not just that, it’s one of the easiest ways to stand out from the ordinary and put your business out there among the best in the trade. 

Our presentation boxes are manufactured with top-quality materials and come in variants like full acrylic, leather, and leather with an acrylic window. And, all of this can be further customized into practically endless options for your clients. No wonder that our presentation boxes are such hits with our photography clients. 

Presentation box packaging has protective potential 

Take Your Wedding Album Packaging from Basic to Brilliant with Presentation Boxes

Albums delivered in presentation boxes are effectively protected during transit and also have enduring longevity. 

The durability of these album boxes goes miles ahead of cutesy paper packaging or cardboard boxes, creating continued recognition and growth for any photography business with their lasting appeal. Your clients, on the other hand, will appreciate the option of protecting their memories made tangible through the albums for years to come. 

A great medium of promotion

Take Your Wedding Album Packaging from Basic to Brilliant with Presentation Boxes

By giving your brand name and logo a prideful place, these presentation boxes serve as an excellent marketing medium for your work too. 

The premium presentation gives a competitive edge to a photographer’s work. They can be customized with initials and feature photos of clients to hook attention in an optimal way. 

Also, they can fulfill branding needs through logos and taglines, or graphics and illustrations. Either way, it advertises the business and builds a positive repute in the market.

Clients find presentation boxes attractive and convenient

A photographer gets to present his work in a sophisticated way with superior album packaging. For clients, receiving a presentation box is a better experience. They think highly of a photographer who has presented his work with better aesthetic appeal, and convenience of handling and usage.

Make presentation box photo packaging a part of sale

Ultimately, making packaging a part of the cost of sales and working it into the pricing calculations ensures that final sales turn out profitable. Besdies, our presentation boxes adds a lot of value to your offerings while ever so slight increase in investment / price.

The last shot

Beautifully packaged photographs, especially presentation boxes, set apart professional photographers from amateurs. They increase the value perception of a photography business and allow to deliver a better customer experience. There are fantastic samples of photo packaging and presentation box types that photographers use countrywide.

Partnering with an album supplier can open doors to possibilities as well as innovation. If you are looking for inspiration into packaging ideas for your photography business, Album Design Store is a good place to start.

Packaging gives clients a look at what kind of signature your photography has. Get creative and use your packaging to reflect your work for your clients!

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A Quick Guide to Upselling Albums to Your Wedding Clients

A Quick Guide to Upselling Albums to Your Wedding Clients

Photographers dealing with wedding clients can successfully maximize their profit by upselling albums. A beautifully crafted album can be a steady income stream for wedding photographers. 

The charm of an album is unmatched

An album filled with images tells many stories of the momentous wedding day. Added to it, a uniquely customized album box can make it a delightful conversation point for visiting friends, or an heirloom for generations to savor.

An album has a timeless appeal and this can be successfully used to help grow the photography business. Not sure how to approach it? 

Here’s a mini-guide to make more money from upselling albums to your wedding couples. 

Showcase a sample right at the start

Discuss about a wedding album right at the contract stage. Invest in some beautiful sample albums for your business. Let your clients hold them, feel them, and go through the pages. Sometimes experiencing albums first hand makes couples more likely to invest. Whether it’s an outright ‘yes’, or ‘no’, or a ‘maybe’ allows you to plan your next upselling strategy.

The time it right for the initial naysayers

The gap between the big day and successfully ordering an album ideally falls after 4-5 weeks. This is when wedding clients first see the full set of photos. By then most clients have chosen their favorites, those they would like to share with friends and family, and those that would be framed. They also find out by then that producing an album on their own is neither quick nor easy.

Add a card with the digital files offering help to put together their wedding album. Include a voucher inside to be used within the following two months. 

An upsell strategy is never late

For clients who excused themselves from buying an album immediately after a wedding citing budget issues, mark a workflow leading up to a couple of months before their first anniversary when circumstances may have changed. Offer a special discount towards a personalized album as a gift, make it time-limited. This could allow them to think of it as their own gift to their spouse, and also provide enough time for design and printing. 

Offer an incentive

Give your clients a reason to upgrade their package to include an album. This could be worked into a discount where a combined album and digital files order saves them money compared to when they order one at a later date. You can also include a time-limited discount offer later on as a follow-up, much like an anniversary offer.

A personalized offer is a great upselling trick

Knowing your clients not only makes the photography work better, it also allows you an insight into what ticks for the wedding couple. Tease the perfect custom-made album and couples might find it hard to refuse. After all, we are all emotional about keepsakes that are personalized to our tastes.

At the Album Design Store, wedding albums offer endless customizations through three different cover styles in acrylic, leather, and leather with acrylic windows. One can even choose from three archival-quality paper variants like matte, silk, and metallic. Moreover, truly bespoke presentation boxes or album box covers can be your USP as well to an album upsell.

Top tips to phrase your upsell ideas around

At the end of the day, the best way to upsell an album and create an extra revenue source as a photographer is to simply ask.

  • Keep things simple with several options at the same price. It organizes your upgrades and helps clients with decision-making.
  • Create a pre-design to show them what they are missing. A professionally designed album has a powerful impact.
  • Capture family group shots, not only clients but the extended family gets to buy them from you. (Think, parent albums)

Upselling can be the ticket to more money as a photographer. It may take some work but it is effort in the right place.

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3 Ways to Communicate the Value of Albums to Your Clients

3 Ways to Communicate the Value of Albums to Your Clients

With a deluge of clients asking for digital files, it’s easy to wonder: ‘Has digital replaced print, finally, and what could be done to convince clients to print photos?’ 

The truth is, while the demand for digital photos has gone up, the appeal of print albums hasn’t eroded.  

For one, a print album is tangible and therefore, more likely to keep people riveted compared to digital photos that often get lost in the noise. Print albums ensure longevity by allowing us to revisit the memories they hold. Digital photos can never match the polished experience of leafing through an heirloom quality printed album

But wait, there’s more! The allure of print albums stretches beyond the emotional connection people form with items they can actually hold in their hands. Print adds an air of quality to your brand. 

When you invest in print products that exude luxury in their look, touch, and finish, it paints your brand in professional tones. So, not just print albums; the addition of a stunning presentation box — such as the one from our collection — can take your brand value several notches higher.  

Affluent consumers are often drawn to print. It’s the reason high-end lifestyle and design brands leverage the power of print — be it through packaging or marketing collaterals — to convey the sense of luxury.  

When you’re able to communicate these benefits of print to your clients, you can change their minds in the favor of printed albums. Or, at the very least you’ll start attracting clients who are willing to pay a premium for the experiences print offers. 

Let’s face it: You need those print sales to keep your business growing and thriving. It’s an excellent way to set yourself apart from peers. Plus, a nicely crafted album design indirectly markets your brand as well.

That said, here are some ways to convey the value of print albums to your clients.  

1. Make print a part of your conversation 

If you’re waiting till after the shoot to drop the mention of print albums, you’ll be disappointed. By then, the client might have already made up their mind. This is why the best approach is to bring print early on in your discussions with the client.  

For example, you can include print albums in your initial consultation through questions like these: 

“If you were to have all your wedding photos spread out in your album, what story would you like them to tell?”

“Have you decided a theme for your wedding? Would you like to explore how your wedding album might fit into that theme?” 

These questions don’t just plant the thought of an album in your client’s mind. They also show that you care about their vision and are working with them to ensure their wedding photos tell a story that’s uniquely theirs.

2. Don’t just tell, show 

Digital — no matter how contemporary and convenient – is flat and cold. Even with the most fabulous digital photos, there’s always a glass screen between them and the viewer.  Nothing compares to the aesthetic you can experience in three-dimension. But, rather than simply telling your clients these things, let them figure out the distinction for themselves.  

Having an array of album options available for your clients to view helps.. It offers them a chance to feel and touch the hand-crafted quality of albums, the textures, layout, and unique design. All of these aspects come together to give the viewer the satisfaction of savoring beautiful photos in all their color-rich, high-resolution glory. What better way to make the case for printed albums?

3. Have them within your package 

Often one of the main things that deter clients from choosing prints is the cost. When you position them as an ‘extra’ that someone has to pay additional charges to get, many might choose to go without them. Instead, if you include them within your package even if by bumping up your pricing, client’s might negotiate but won’t complaint much. 

A great idea here is to go with a standard album for your regular wedding photography package and offer the clients a choice to upgrade, in terms of both, size and quality.  

What’s more! There are products that let you combine print and digital so you can give your clients the best of both the worlds. Our leather album with presentation box is a hit with wedding photographers for this exact reason.  

Give these tips a try and get your print sales flowing! 

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4 Album Design Tips That Stand the Test of Time

Even in today’s digital-first world, the tangible charm of photo albums isn’t lost. Everyone who appreciates quality and class will always be drawn by the beauty and elegant timelessness of an heirloom wedding album. No wonder, printed albums are such an essential component of your photography business. 

Mastering the art of selling printed albums to your wedding clients can help grow your income, boost your brand, and delight your clients—all in one fell swoop. But how do you create something that will be cherished by your clients—not just now, but decades down the road? 

Here are four tips to design albums that will be valued for generations. 

1. Practice restraint 

There’s one big album design trick that’s an open secret: More is less. 

As a photographer, you know only the best images must make it to the final album. But what if there are a lot of great shots that you don’t want your clients to miss? That’s when you need to bite the bullet: Handpick the best of the best and go with a clean layout with few images per spread. The rest of the images can go in the form of digital files. 

2. Make friends with the negative space

You know the importance of negative space. It’s a great way to draw the eyes to an image and highlight its most important aspects. The same goes for album design. 

The negative spaces ensure no distraction gets in the way and the viewers’ attention remains riveted to what matters the most: Your beautiful shots. 

3. Don’t let clients choose the images

Giving clients the option to pick their wedding photos for the album might sound like a good idea. But in reality, it can turn out to be a bad decision in more ways than one. Firstly, they might not be the best judge of which images will eventually make the most impressive content for the album. The photos they pick might not work well together in a layout or be strewn together as a cohesive story. 

You’re the artist and your skill lies in aligning your artistic vision with that of your clients. Your clients may offer inputs or feedback but letting them decide can often limit you from doing your best job. Plus, they might take their own time to come up with their list of favorites, which could easily delay your turnaround.    

You can save a ton of time and ensure a high-quality end result by creating the first draft with the images of your choice. Even if the clients ask for some changes, in most cases it’ll be minor tweaks rather than big design changes or worse, a complete mess that happens when too many cooks get involved in the process.

Hope you apply these tips in your next project. If you’re looking to offload some of your album design burdens, we can help you with our professional album layouts and printing services. Contact us to know more.    

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