Our main focus on professional photo editing services is to retouch photos while keeping them realistic and natural.

We do photo enhancements matching up the level of Fashion and advertising industry

For Boudoir and Glamor photographers we provide professional body retouching and skin retouching services. Our Beauty retouching also covers hair retouching, and body reshaping.


Removed wrinkles, under eye tea bags, loose skin; In short removed years from the face by skin smoothing and skin tightening, while still making the edit look natural!

Realistic Skin Smoothing

Smoothed underarms, removed acne, pores from the skin while retaining the texture of the skin.

Hair Retouching

Filled in area missing hair, retouched lips to fix lipstick color, eye enhancement and removed small pimples and bumps from the skin.

Skin Enhancement

Removed blemishes and splotchy areas of skin and stray hair without making the subject look artificial, as well as teeth whitening and background change.

Portrait Retouching

Made the lady rid of flyaway hair, and worked on problem areas to even out skin tone and changed the background.

We are passionately committed to providing high-quality editing, corrections, and manipulations of your photos. Our Photo Post Production house specialises in fashion and beauty editing. Over the years, working with fashion photographers and fashion magazines, we have acquired a keen eye for detail and high end aesthetics in keeping with on-shelf magazines.

Workflow is based on fixing the imperfections with basic cleanup, dodge and burn technique, frequency separation and color correction and toning. All editing is done in the most natural way so the skin texture is retained.

Our team of fashion photo retouching specialists approach every photo as new and unique, with an arsenal of techniques and expertise. At Album Design Store, we believe in doing a natural retouch to enhance the image subtly. Each photo is edited manually, pixel by pixel, without use of any filters.

For all our Fashion image retouching, we use advanced non-destructive methods to preserve that real look and feel of the skin.

Most of the photographers are probably tired of seeing over-retouched results that look unrealistic. In fact, the fashion and beauty industry are moving towards a more natural looking result that does not look “fake”. Over the years, we as a post processing company has developed a set of skills to achieve natural looking results.

What does our Fashion Photo Editing Services include?

  • Professional Portrait Retouch (Beauty/Corporate/Family)
  • Match Skin Tones (face, hands, chest, legs, arms and shoulders)
  • Smooth Neck Lines
  • Photo Color or Greyscale Grading
  • Stray or Scruffy Hair Removal/ Remove Flyaways
  • Teeth & Eris Whitening
  • Teeth Straightening / Filling
  • Blemish/Scar/Acne/Pimples/Red Dots/ Stretch Marks Removal
  • Eyes’ Color Enhancement
  • Smooth Under Eyes (Bags & Dark Line)
  • Fashion Retouch (Clothes wrinkles or flaws removal)
  • Face Slimming
  • Remove any extra Back Fat
  • Soften between Armpits
  • Body Slimming
  • Digital Lipstick Application or Makeup Enhancement
  • Person Isolation from Background
  • Background Changing
  • Basic Weight Reduction or Shaping
  • Dodge and Burn
  • Eye Cleanup, Sharpening and Color Enhancement
  • Eye Makeup Enhancement
  • Beauty Makeup Enhancement
  • Color Correction
  • Artistic Color Choices
  • Advanced beautifying: Face, skin & body: creating perfect looking skin, removing skin/lip wrinkles, bags under eyes, crow’s feet, marks, blemishes, eye bags, improve skin complexion/ makeup, whiten teeth, body slimming, reshaping, reduce fat on body parts, skin smoothing with preserving texture, removing dust particles, spots, scratches.

If you are looking for any of the above high end retouching services, or any specific requirements, feel free to message us and we can discuss.

Why Outsource Beauty Retouching to our Company?

  • Recreate our photographer clients’ style since many of the photographers we partner with, like to put their own twist.
    Assist clients with maintaining a consistent and creative aesthetic through their images
  • We do not use Photoshop plugins for beauty/fashion images
  • Exceptional eye for detail
  • Ability to maintain the highest level of quality
  • Meeting Deadlines and Keeping Schedules
  • The best quality possible from your shot as the result is always natural and high end
  • Bring creative solutions to each client’s unique needs
  • Prioritize quality and satisfaction with all due attention into making each image perfect

With a strong team of editing specialists and expert beauty retouchers, we are upbeat to offer you our specialized learning and aptitude of a craftsman to give your photographs a superior life. Try not to conceal your best recollections on the dusty rack of your bureau, get proficient photograph altering and distribute your photographs at whatever point you like.

Show the best of your photographs whilst looking natural and fresh with our Fashion Photo Retouching Services.