Album Design Store was built with a vision of sharing the burden of Post Production Services. Hence we definitely do provide photo culling services to our Photographer Clients, being one of the crucial services for image processing. Our culling charges are not on the number of images to be selected, but the total number of images sent to us.

We cull the photos with a very logical process so as to preserve your best memories. Below is a quick glance of our formula of eliminating photos during the image culling process:

  1. Blurry Images
  2. Pictures in which people are not looking into the camera
  3. Duplicate photos
  4. Hands or body not in place
  5. Shaky Images
  6. Incorrect Composition
  7. Additional distractions in the background etc.

We select the most natural pictures, depicting emotions with a combination of essentials to make sure not to miss and steal away even a single unique moment from your precious memories.