While sharing the shortlisted images to be used for designing album layouts, we request you to add notes with the following information to be able to consider your order complete for further process:

    (1) Size of the Album Layout. General sizes we receive as album design request are:

    • In Square: 10X10, 11X11, 12X12
    • In Horizontal: 9.5X13, 10X12, 11X14, 12X16
    • In Vertical: 14X11

    Apart from this, we also receive several custom sizes. We are open and happy to design them for you!
    (2) Approximate Number of album sheets to be designed for the wedding album. On an average, on one sheet, we use 5 pictures for designing layout. Hence, for example for a 20 sheet album, there should be up to 100 shortlisted images sent to us.
    The above 2 details are sufficient for us to start processing your album design order. Additionally we would need information on the name of the couple, wedding or event date, as well as 1 shortlisted picture which needs to be used as a cover image.