What is your turnaround time for Album Designing Services?

Our turnaround time is 3-5 business days, to submit the first draft of Album Design for proofing, after receiving the album design order. Further, post feedback on the initial album designs, revisions are submitted in 2 working days.

How many rounds of revision do I get on subscribing your album designing services?

Our company was built with a vision of offering post production services with 100% satisfaction to clients. Hence we had never kept any restrictions on offering album layout revisions until we faced some impractical situations.

As such we are open to revisions until we sense that contentment at your end of receiving exactly as per your expectations; however just to safeguard company interest, 3 rounds of album designing revision is what we offer. Anything beyond that can be dealt on case to case basis.

Apart from Wedding Album Designing, do you design for different occasions like Maternity, New Born Sessions, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah or Boudoir Album Design?

We not only offer Wedding Album Designing Services, but also offer layout designing for other events. We have done it all right from Family Portrait Album Designs, Sweet16 Album Designing, Bar and Bat Mitzvah Album Designing. Travel and Vacation Album Designing as well as Album Designing services for gifting purpose for Anniversaries, Birthdays etc.

What information is required while placing ordering for Album Designing Services?

While sharing the shortlisted images to be used for designing album layouts, we request you to add notes with the following information to be able to consider your order complete for further process:

    (1) Size of the Album Layout. General sizes we receive as album design request are:

    • In Square: 10X10, 11X11, 12X12
    • In Horizontal: 9.5X13, 10X12, 11X14, 12X16
    • In Vertical: 14X11

    Apart from this, we also receive several custom sizes. We are open and happy to design them for you!
    (2) Approximate Number of album sheets to be designed for the wedding album. On an average, on one sheet, we use 5 pictures for designing layout. Hence, for example for a 20 sheet album, there should be up to 100 shortlisted images sent to us.
    The above 2 details are sufficient for us to start processing your album design order. Additionally we would need information on the name of the couple, wedding or event date, as well as 1 shortlisted picture which needs to be used as a cover image.

What is the difference between an Album Sheet, an Album Spread and an Album Page?

Album Sheet and Album spread mean the same and can be used interchangeably. Whereas Album Page has a different meaning. When the Album is open, the full layout comprising of the left and the right side is referred to as Album Sheet or an Album Spread. On the other hand, each side of the album layout is knows as Album Page.

Generally while receiving orders for Album Designing, we receive instructions on number of album spreads/sheets required to design the album. Example a 30 sheet album design would mean, when the album is open the left and right side of the album layout would be considered as 1 sheet, hence 30 such sheets which is 60 pages.

Do I need to shortlist the images which shall go into the album layout design, or will you select the images for us?

You are free to send us the selected images or we can cull the images for you at an additional cost. We offer all post production services at your disposal, and you can pick and choose which one of them you would like to opt for.

You may just seek our album designing services by sending us the final shortlisted photographs or subscribe to our photo culling services as well, for us to assist you with choosing the images. To know more about how do we cull the images

Do you provide image culling services? If Yes, How does your Culling Service Work?

Album Design Store was built with a vision of sharing the burden of Post Production Services. Hence we definitely do provide photo culling services to our Photographer Clients, being one of the crucial services for image processing. Our culling charges are not on the number of images to be selected, but the total number of images sent to us.

We cull the photos with a very logical process so as to preserve your best memories. Below is a quick glance of our formula of eliminating photos during the image culling process:

  1. Blurry Images
  2. Pictures in which people are not looking into the camera
  3. Duplicate photos
  4. Hands or body not in place
  5. Shaky Images
  6. Incorrect Composition
  7. Additional distractions in the background etc.

We select the most natural pictures, depicting emotions with a combination of essentials to make sure not to miss and steal away even a single unique moment from your precious memories.

How do I submit my feedback for any revisions on the album design layouts received? How does your album layout proofing work?

You can add your notes/remarks and any other instructions on the comments section on each layout. This will be easier for both the parties since a notification would be received to each one of us on any feedback given. Also it would be there for review anytime we would like to get back on the album spread.

Is the Album layout preview quality be the same as the final layout to be received to me?

No. The album layouts you would see during the time of proofing would be a low resolution version of the final quality. You shall receive the high quality layouts at the time of final delivery, once the payment is processed.

Do you offer Album Printing services or only Album Designing services?

Yes. We are a One Stop Post Production Company offering all products and services at one place. We offer a wide range of album printing and binding services and ship them worldwide. We also have a unique packaging and offer our albums with attractive, one of its kind boxes and bags! To know more on our Album Printing services Click here

What if I want to only get an album printed from you, but design the album myself?

Yes you can definitely do that! At Album Design Store we have a plethora of products and services to offer in Post Production, and you can opt for one or many services at your will. You may send us your designed album layouts (at 300 dpi) and use us as your reliable high quality album printing company.

Is there any discount applicable for printing studio sample album?

) Oh Yes! We believe in supporting our photographer clients, in their album investments. As such our albums are very competitively priced in the market, yet we offer a 20% discount on album printing ordered as studio samples.

Please note, these albums come with a “Studio Sample” stamped at the back of the cover.

How thick are your Album Pages?

You can choose thickness of your Album Paper. We offer Album Pages thickness right from 100 GSM, 200 GSM, 400 GSM and 600 GSM. By default we print 400 GSM thick album pages, however you may choose to customize the thickness of your Album Papers.

What are the Album Sizes your company prints?

We provide several album printing sizes in square, horizontal and vertical. Right from printing albums from general sizes to particular ones, ranging from as small as 6X6 to large size albums up to 15X15.

What is the turnaround time for Album Printing?

You will be amazed with the quick turnaround time of our Album Printing Press. You get the albums shipped at your doorstep within 3-4 weeks from the day you placed the album order. It highly depends on the queue of orders. At times, we can manage to deliver your album in 2 weeks itself.

Are your Albums Flush Mount? Which type of Album Binding does your company binds?

Yes, all our Albums at Album Design Store are Flush Mount albums. The album binding we do is Lay Flat binding. We have been shipping Flush Mount Lay Flat Albums in New York, California, Texas and throughout USA as well as worldwide since a decade now.

What type of Album covers does your printing company provide?

You will be amazed at the unique album with presentation box and bags we provide. Album Design Store is considered one of the best album printing company due to the handcrafted innovative products we launch every year. We have 6 types of Album covers to offer which can be clubbed with several combinations to bring out the best of your images.

    Types of Album Covers:

  • Acrylic Cameo
  • Fully Acrylic
  • Flush Photo Cover
  • Linen Covers
  • Leatherette Covers

What are the types of Album Paper options do you have for Album Prints?

    We use 6 different types of photographic papers for printing Wedding and event albums:

  • Glossy Paper
  • Matte Paper
  • Silk Paper
  • Velvet Paper
  • Canvas Paper
  • Metallic Paper

These Papers are high quality Fuji Crystal Paper bringing out the best wedding album.

Do you have Albums with Presentation boxes?

We have a unique range of album presentation boxes in various colours and combinations. You will be amazed with our series of albums with beautiful presentation boxes and bags as a complete package.

    In general we have 2 common styles of album presentation box which are trending amongst our highly satisfied customers:

  • Flip Box
  • Male Female Box

Our most unique album presentation box amongst are collection is our LCD screen album presentation box as well as the acrylic presentation box with a special space allotted for mini book album.

I am Photographer. Can I get my logo printed on the album I order from Album Design Store?

We are pleased to inform you that, we offer logo printing services on the Album, you get printed from us. Some of our Photographer, cinematographer clients get their logo printed on the back of the Album. You have 2 choices to get your Album Printed with Logo:

  • Name / Logo Printing with Leather Embossing
  • Foil Printing