flush mount wedding album

We’ve all had those moments where we’re leafing through old photo albums and recalling memories close to the heart. Those are special times, and the quality of those photos speak a lot to the reliving of those experiences. But sometimes, our memories outlast those photo albums. With flush mount album printing, that’s set to change for the better.

What is flush mount?

When it comes to wedding photography in particular, the concept of a flush mount wedding album has become a lot more popular these days. So, what is flush mount album printing, anyway? It’s not just weddings – any event can be captured beautifully with flush mount designs. With designs printed right to the outer margins and inner ‘flush’, these albums provide much better photo and material quality than regular ones.

Goodbye mass production, hello bespoke design

When you go for a regular photo book, what you’re actually opting for is mass-produced printing using regular ink and paper. The traditional photo book is no different from magazines or catalogues, and offers little else than a small upgrade over regular prints. Flush mount wedding album design, on the other hand, involves the careful crafting of everything from the binding and photo paper to the actual photographs.

A flush mount photo book is way more durable than a regular photo book

Since flush mount album printing uses higher quality photo paper, individual pages are a firm and not as susceptible to curling or damage as a regular photo book.

Your photos offer a panoramic experience with lay flat printing

The difference between a lay flat flush mount album and one that was printed using regular press print methods lies in the lack of seams and gutters The gutter is the inside margin of a book where it binds together, and regular photo books bulge out and disrupt the image. A lay-flat design, on the other hand, provides a seamless image.

Once considered the exclusive domain of professionals, we now live in a world where professional flush mount wedding albums are a feasible option for all of us. Now, you can expect studio-standard quality for every precious photo book that documents your life’s best memories!