How Presentation Boxes Add a Special Touch to Your Photography Business

You’ve probably heard business coaches and marketing gurus talk at length about the importance of putting a face on your brand. 

What does that mean for your photography business? 

Your brand identity goes beyond your business logo and frankly, even beyond the work that you do as a wedding photographer. Because let’s face it — you’re competing against hundreds (if not thousands) of other talented wedding photographers with tons of experience. Plus, as Scott Stratten, business expert and speaker at the Imaging USA 2019, puts it: “You’re competing against a population of smartphones, against amateur photographers with pro photographer egos, and hobbyists.”

Therefore, every inch of competitive edge you can gain will make a big difference in getting your business ahead. In other words, you have to make your brand work extra hard to be seen and preferred by your potential clients over your competitors. Luckily, packaging is an easy way to stand out and make your brand’s image shine. And that’s where our professional presentation boxes and album cases come into the play. They can make your service that much more personal and your brand that much more recognizable to prospective couples. Let’s see how.

Presentation reflects your brand’s worth  

If you’ve ever purchased a high-end item, you know they always come packaged in a way that matches their worth. Even before you’ve had the chance to see the actual product, the mere act of holding the package gives you a luxe feel. 

That’s exactly how an artisan-quality album presentation box works to elevate your brand image. For example, our album boxes with acrylic glass cover impart a rich sophistication to the photos they carry — a perfect match for your brand if premium is how you want to be perceived as. 


Instant brand recognition

There’s nothing that a wedding photographer would love more than being remembered every time their clients revisit the memories captured through their lenses. Granted, it’s ultimately your finished artwork in the form of photos that bring alive their wedding day memories. However, much depends on how they are bundled and presented to your clients. 

It might be cheaper to deliver your photos in print bags or wrapped in paper. But, it doesn’t matter how high quality these packaging options are, they’ll always pale in comparison to our gorgeous hand-crafted album boxes. No matter what your style is — old-world classic, vintage, timeless, or fun and quirky — matching it to your packaging comes fairly easily with these boxes

Customized presentation boxes bearing your logo is a lovely reminder of your top-notch service to your clients. And, when they are showing around their wedding album housed in such a box, it serves as a free advertising for you!


Add stars to your customer service  

Personal touch is the fastest way to a customer’s heart. It makes them feel special, heightens their level of satisfaction, and above all, creates a positive impression of your brand. 

By paying close attention to the look and feel of your package, your clients enjoy the high quality of your service and get a beautiful keepsake to treasure. 

With these boxes, you can play around with a wide assortment of colors, shapes, sizes, finishes, and more. You can make it more personal for your clients by having their names engraved on the boxes, or perhaps, their wedding date, a meaningful line or two, or calligraphed motifs of their initials. There are endless ways of personalizing the experience for every client, for every session. 

Even when you’re providing digital files only, or combining them with print photographs, our presentation boxes with USB drive allow you to present your craft in its ultimate glory. 

Wrapping it up…

While your photos speak for themselves, the final presentation is the cherry on the icing. It leaves a lasting impression on the receiver. When you pair high-quality album boxes with your photography services for your clients, you can be guaranteed that when someone asks them to recommend a wedding photographer, the chances are high that it’s going to be you.