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How to Choose the Best Wedding Album Printing Company?

A wedding album is unique to every bride and groom to preserve wedding memories for a lifetime! Hence it has to be a well thought decision.  After all, who likes to re print a wedding album or get it redone as years pass? Isn’t it supposed to be treasured and relived as you get older together? People rather prefer the wedding album to get older along with them, and still shine as their marriage! Its smell should still be fresh reminding them the beginning of their beautiful relationship.

Hence proved, durability is one of the finest qualities one should look for, in a wedding album. The second vital point while shortlisting your wedding album printing company is the end to end customer service. Mind you, this is the key to choosing the best wedding album company! You will thank me later for this because it saves you a lot of effort running from point A to B. Select an album printing company that not only prints and binds your albums but also provides color corrections and album designing services. They should design your album layouts as per your preference and should take you through few rounds of revision until the album is designed up to you satisfaction. The pictures should also be color corrected by them and few portraits retouched if required.

If you have a family member like your grandparents who are no more with you, but you have some old photos of them, you can select one to get them included creatively in your album layout. If the old pictures are tampered, or slightly destroyed, the photo album printing company should be able to restore the photo. Thus the post production company should be able to retouch and color correct the images, design beautiful album spreads and also offer photo restoration if required.

There are several other important factors to keep in mind, while choosing your album designing and printing company. The album design company should have many options with album covers as per the latest trends. In fact, in recent times the most trending wedding albums are the ones with attractive album presentation boxes. This also keeps a check on your durability factor!

This is not enough; Look not only for fancy wedding album covers and presentation cases, but also the type of paper they use in printing the album sheets. Do not go for glossy covers, as over the period of time they don’t serve the purpose. Try for Matt sheets or if you are looking for premium quality then metallic paper used in printing album sheets would work best for you. Looking for very unique paper? Go for a silk paper!

Finally a creative high quality wedding album is successfully created as a joint effort. Not only the album printing press, but you also have to put some of your time. Below are some key notes for you to keep in mind.

5 tips to make a good wedding album

1) Arrange your photos folder wise, in sequence of events. This is the most important thing you can do to save time of your wedding album designer and let him focus on creatively designing your album layouts.

2) Select photos strategically that include a combination of some of your favourite portrait shots, to important family members, beautiful décor and venue photos.

3) Be sure, the choice of pictures cover all the events right from first look, vows, cake cutting, dance party etc.

4) Get the pictures color corrected before they are used for designing album layouts. This tip would work wonders in beautifying your dream wedding album! Many wedding album printing companies offer this as a complimentary service.

5) The choice of wedding album cover is equally critical as it enhances the entire look of the album. Select the one that matches your style. There are several options available, and if you are the experimental one, choose a nice color instead of the usual black!

3 Most Popular Wedding Albums

If you looking for an album that is time tested and its trend never fades, then without much experimenting go for one of these:

  • Acrylic Album is always an in thing! You can never go wrong with it. A black coloured album with a full acrylic cover brings out the best at all times!
  • A Leatherette Album with Printed cover image is yet again an evergreen option. Choose your best image to get it fully printed on a leatherette cover of the album. If you want to enhance the look of the wedding album even more, go for this album clubbing it with an album presentation case with a full printed cover on the inside of the album presentation box. This album package looks mesmerizing, as you open the album presentation case.
  • Nothing attracts more than a simple classic plain leatherette album in a dark color shade. Pick from black, brown, or a grey shade and club it with a contrasting color and a beautiful font to emboss the name and date on it! P.S: A gold emboss on a black cover steals the show!