We specialize with Premium Leather Photo Albums. If you are looking for a Lab that can provide Leather Wedding Albums which are animal friendly yet offer the same look and feel like genuine leather, you are at the right place.

Our Photo Album Leather Cover is made of high quality faux leather, which are durable as well as economical. Superior non genuine leather has added advantage of being budget friendly. The outstanding craftsmanship using handcrafted bookbinding method, gives Leather Wedding Photo Albums an eternal look to cherish the wedding by the bride and groom for a lifetime.

Featuring different styles and patterns of Leather Wedding Albums for photographers, you can offer your clients with wide range of options in covers, colours, styles and patterns. One of our most exclusive Leather Photo album series is the LCD SCREEN ALBUM with High End Box. It comprises of an album with a LCD Screen, with 1 GB space to upload videos, photos and slideshows. It’s one of the best album model for photographers who also offer cinematography.

We are one of those Album Printing Companies, which provide personalized album designing and binding services. The product is tailor made exactly as per your requirements and preferences. Whether you want a Leather album with cameo, or with beautiful text embossed, engraved or foiled, at every step we offer customization to match your style. Each of our albums are clubbed with an equally attractive box and a bag. It is a 3 in 1 complete packaged solution with Album, Box as well as Bag. However, you have the flexibility to opt the latter two. Connect to us for your luxurious wedding album needs.