LED Album Box

“A Complete All round Album case for your Photo & Video needs.”

“How much better can it get?” That’s the question that shaped the LED Screen Album with Presentation Box Product Line. The combination of quality, handmade hardcover, lay flat spreads and the innovative 10-inch LED Screen makes it an ideal product for photographers who also offer cinematography and videography services. You can deliver a complete packaged solution of photos in the best album covers, along with wedding highlights, slideshows, etc. in the LED screen. It has a storage space of 1 GB. LED album presentation cases combine the newest technology and precise craftsmanship. All the improved capabilities are achieved while maintaining compatibility. Personalize it with text on the cover.

Albums with LED Screen on the Album Box are ideal for individuals who crave for splendour and aesthetics. This collection offers a unique combination of a 10-inch LED Screen combined with the album. Yet another product in this series is a 7-inch LED Screen in a black cover album. Handcrafted photo albums are thick, rigid, durable flush mount heirlooms that showcase both quality & elegance.

How the LED Album works?

Using the USB cable, which comes with the LED wedding album, you can easily connect the LED screen to your laptop/computer or any such system. Works like a flash drive, just copy paste the MP4 video files or slideshows; and it’s ready! You can store files and play them, pause, move to next video, as well as control the volume of the video from the buttons below the LED screen inside the box of the album.

Photo Albums with Presentation boxes at Album Design Store is the definition of quality and luxury. They are the best option for those seeking the highest form of elegance. All this with our exclusive silk and metallic papers gives it that perfect class. This series of albums is characterized by its cover and beautiful vivid colors.

Sturdy album presentation box combined with modern binding technologies creates seamlessly lay flat spreads and complete hand crafted quality album.

Watch our LED Screen Wedding Album

A perfect combination for individuals searching luxury and class, Simplicity combined with noble materials will satisfy even the most fastidious tastes. Choose from two different sizes of LED Screen and discover the wealth of binding tradition. And because it is not only what’s inside that counts, each LED screen Album has a handcrafted hardcover that determines the collection.

Present this heirloom on a dresser, fireplace or coffee table for years to come. This Triplex is versatile, eye-catching photo video product that houses album as well as videos. The cover is hand stitched in leatherette materials bound to go with any interiors. Leatherette are made of synthetic materials such as vinyl and faux leather that is why we are proud to say they are animal and vegan friendly. These are a great choice for anyone who craves the look and feel of real leather.

A perfect folio box

Elegant handmade packaging solution for prints and videos

A perfect folio box for anyone looking for an elegant handmade packaging solution for prints and videos. Inquire with us for our informative product catalog guide where you can find about our latest flagship products and pricing at one convenient place.
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