metal cover wedding albums

Weddings are amongst those moments in life that matter the most. You wish to preserve them, cherish them and revisit them from time to time. No wonder, wedding albums are nothing short of a family heirloom, shared and handed down for generations to celebrate love and togetherness. Why not give these photographs a beautiful custom-designed album, then? After all, they deserve to be as special as your love, and as unique as your wedding!

Presenting, metal cover wedding albums—the sleek and edgy choice for wedding albums that reflect a contemporary style. They are admittedly lesser known than popular choices like leather albums and acrylic albums, but they have a very unique look that you’ll love if you’re someone who likes to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Perfectly tailored to tell your story

Metallic cover albums come in a wide variety of colours, designs and patterns. There could be endless combinations of these three aspects, so you can select something that goes best with your wedding and personal taste. For example, you can match your wedding album cover with the theme of your wedding. Let’s say, you had tulips for your wedding bouquet and other decorations. It could be a great idea to get tulip cut-outs on your metal cover wedding album. In fact, there’s hardly any design or print that can’t be achieved on metallic cover albums — they are extremely customizable in that sense!

Customizations galore: How we do it

As we just mentioned, there are plenty of customization options in metal cover wedding albums. In most cases, people wish to have an image displayed on the front cover. This cover image is printed on an aluminium plate, which is hand-cut to size and handcrafted with care and precision. You can choose to either get the image all over the cover or have it placed at the centre with designs and patterns around it. The image could be in black and white or colour — depending on your choice or your wedding theme. For instance, a black and white image would be perfect for a vintage wedding theme.

Another option is to have your cover image placed in a laser-cut ‘window’. Again, the window could be of many different shapes and sizes. The couple’s names as well as the wedding dates can be etched on the front cover — we offer several fonts to choose from. It’s a great way to personalize your album and commemorate your wedding date.

Quality and impression that lasts

Metal cover wedding album is one of the most durable options you could get your hands on. Album Design Store uses the finest quality of aluminium to craft these covers, which are then, polished to achieve a flawless finish and are seamlessly bounded with leather. These covers are quite scratch-resistant and will last a lifetime if handled with care.

So if you’ve always wanted something out of the ordinary for your wedding photos, a metal cover wedding album might be just want you need!