Layflat Wedding Albums

Lay flat wedding albums are all the rage with those wanting to capture the most precious moments of their lives in the most expressive way possible. Offering a fuller and more seamless view, these albums are considered the ultimate in providing an enjoyable photo-viewing experience that’s not marred by any bulges or gutters.

To begin with, what are lay flat albums, anyway? Well, lay flat photo books are albums that have a special type of binding which lays the pages flat from end to end with no “well” or binding breaks in between the sheets. This gives you the added convenience of handling the album while increasing the viewing pleasure.

Lay flat books make your photos pop

Occasions such as weddings create special moments and memories that need to be preserved and passed down to the generations. Lay flat wedding photo albums look and feel very different from ordinary wedding albums. For one, they allow each photo to be displayed in 100% view without losing any part of it inside the gutter.

Think about those big family group photos — in most of the standard albums, you’ll find the middle crease running over someone’s face or a part of someone falling on the bulge where the two pages meet. Not with lay flat albums! They allow uninterrupted two page spreads that produce stunning results with wide angle shots and panoramic landscape photos.

Superior strength and quality

Lay flat wedding albums are not just aesthetically better, they are superior to their standard counterparts in almost every other aspect. Lay flat albums are typically built with firm and thick sheets which lend a crafted feel to them. This also ensures that the pages are not bent out of shape even after years of use, making these albums a lot more durable than any standard wedding album.

Perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences

Our Lay Flat Wedding Albums are highly customizable and you get to choose everything, from paper quality and thickness to final shape and album cover. For printing these albums, we use high quality Fuji Crystal Paper with thickness ranging from 150 GSM up to 600 GSM, as per your requirement. The album can be designed, printed and bound as landscape, portrait or square album — just let us know your preference.

You can choose Lay Flats and Flush Mount Albums with Leather, Canvas, or Acrylic covers, which come in a beautiful Presentation box. Either way, Lay Flat Albums are great not just for weddings events but also for maternity shoots, birthday, travel chronicles, anniversary, seniors, sweet sixteen or any other event that will be cherished and relived for years.