Our Top Products That Blend Digital and Print With Flair

Running a photography studio in the 21st century involves fencing many hurdles. And, one of those hurdles is making steady sales. More precisely, remaining profitable in an era where smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras have made it possible for practically anyone to capture decent images. On the photography side, it has raised the bar for you to give you best shot — anything average just won’t cut it! 

But, that’s not the only way digital has changed the face of the industry. If your experience is anything like your peers, you’re probably fielding requests for digital files now more than ever. There’s no question that clients are increasingly asking for digital photos. But the charm of printed albums hasn’t died out either. There’s market for both. And, a smart business person should tap into both. 

In other words, if you’re looking to grow your photography business, cut through the competition, and generate more revenue, you can’t stop at either digital or print. 

With that exact aspect in mind, here at Album Design Store, we have a range of products for professional photographers that bring together digital and print so you find it easier to capture both markets and let your clients enjoy the best of both the worlds.   

Photo Albums With USB/Flash Drive

These are from our signature album collection that include a handcrafted print album and a custom USB, tucked inside a beautiful presentation box. The entire set exudes style and sophistication at its best! No wonder, they continue to be one of our best sellers since the time we introduced them.    

When you decide to go with our complete sets, you get two brilliant choices: Wedding book with a custom made album box; and leather photo album with acrylic cameo cover.

All our albums are flush-mounted with up to 800gsm spreads to display your work of art in its most flattering version, while their form and finish ensure their longevity through generations.     

You can choose among matte, silk, and metallic options for paper type and 12+ leatherette varieties. Add unlimited customization options and what you have on hand is one power-packed product that can single-handedly solve your print/digital dilemma  

Digital Photo Albums

If you’re a professional providing both wedding photography and video services, Digital Photo Albums is designed for you. It takes your digital work to a whole new level, while still letting your photography shine. 

The addition of a detachable 10’’ LED screen lends this product an ultra-tech feel and your photos get showcased in their best form through the flush-mount album — everything housed in a handcrafted and customizable album box. 

If there’s one product you need to wow your wedding photography/videography clients, it is this one!  

Photo Print Box

Don’t be fooled by its name. It’s so much more than just a print box. It allows you to put the spotlight on your favorite captures from a shoot and lets you proudly display them in their high-definition printed glory with the option of showcasing your best shot as the cover image. The rest can be delivered in the flash drive that comes along with it. You can get your business name/logo etched for a classy touch of branding, while there’s plenty of ways to personalize it for your clients — engravings of the couple’s name, their special date or beautifully calligraphed motifs of their initials, meaningful lines or quotes printed as a loving reminder of the bond they share…it can be as creative as you want it to be!  

Your industry is changing at a rapid pace. We hope that with the smart use of these products, you can adapt to the changes and rise above the noise to build a formidable reputation and client base for your business.