Parent Albums

Parent Albums: The Perfect Gift for Parents of the Newlyweds

Parents of the bride and groom are an inherent part of the wedding because after the couple they are the ones who have had the most special dreams about their children’s wedding. And, the best way to make them feel special is to have a custom designed version of the wedding album specifically made to order for them—parent albums.

Parent wedding photo books spell not only exclusivity but they also convey a special bond and love. There are a ton of reasons why you should be thinking about a special and personalised photo album meant only for parents — both, yours and your spouse’s. Here are a few of them.

Parent albums are a way to tell the story of your wedding from a different perspective. This could be an excellent way of highlighting the happiness of your parents and their presence in your wedding.

1) Parent albums can include a whole array of images that are often missing from traditional wedding albums which feature solely on the bride and groom. These can include, parent-child moments of walking down the aisle, first looks, handing over, blessing moments, father-daughter dances, and so on.

2) Parents and even couples can relive their wedding through these parent wedding albums and enjoy the family portraits, extended family shots, etc. or in other words, a different version of their wedding story.

3) Parent albums are the perfect gift that newlyweds can present their parents and even grandparents with, after all they have equally dreamt and wished for this important day. These photo books can be designed and customised to your personal preference of minimal design or as miniature versions of the main wedding albums.

They are proportionally smaller, lighter and easier to carry around by the parents for ease of access at all times. They are priced economically as well, making them budget friendly. However, an array of patterned designing options with choices in colour and cover make them a very picturesque gifting option too.

Remember, a parent album or a wedding photo book designed exclusively for them with photographs especially selected to highlight their love and presence will highly endear to them. Parents, even grandparents will treasure this chance of revising memories with much ease rather than opting for the digital photographs.