Album Design Store is an India based off-shore outsourcing company provides high end photo retouching services for photographers worldwide. This is not limited to head shot retouching services but full service photo editing which includes complete portrait retouching, photo enhancements, background replacements, de- cluttering, photo montage and sky replacements.

We provide Commercial photography retouching services, Portrait Photo enhancement, and all kinds of photo touch up service worldwide.

New Born Sessions

Color correction of the photo to get perfect white balance, smoothed skin, removed blemishes,enhanced Eris and worked on hair to give a perfect baby look!

New Born Baby Retouching

Corrected colors & perspective, de-cluttered the background, adjusted levels, and even out skin tones to enhance the photo!

Adding Clouds

Adding the could to enhance the photo and making the overall color of the photo pop out more.

Clouds & De-Clutting

De-clutting the additional ‘Extra’ sand on the beach to make it clean and adding sunset clouds to enhance the photo.

Grunge Bodybuilding Look

Enhanced the muscular details for the model and professionally applied Dodge & Burn heavily to give the photo a Muscular Male Physique.

Deep Saturated Edit

Enhanced the colors of the photo, effectively making the skies and landscape vibrant to give it a very saturated feel.

Studio Portraiture Retouching

Declutting background, smoothing skin of model, Dodge & Burn to give the photo a professional studio portrait feel.

We at Album Design Store, provide professional retouching services, specializing in different types of photo retouching including lifestyle pictures, family portraits, beauty images, editorial retouch and fashion retouching.

Outsource Photo Retouching to our company, to pull out the best of your photos with a professional touch-up service. Our team of retouching specialists strive to achieve natural results. We diligently go through any specific details you’d like to point out before processing the photograph. Photography retouching services is done primarily through Photoshop, and we can work with raw files or JPG files.

What does our Photo Retouching Services include?

  • Skin Tone Correction
  • Image Retouching (includes: Blemish, Dust, Spot removal, Light and Color Corrections)
  • Professional portrait retouching (beauty, corporate, wedding, child, family, portrait photo sessions etc.): realistic perfect looking skin, without smoothing and damaging
  • Teeth & Eris Whitening
  • Make a body slimmer, body alterations. (i.e. remove scars, etc.)
  • Headshot – Professional portrait retouching
  • Newborn & Family session retouching
  • Boudoir Retouching
  • Fashion Photo retouching
  • Glamorous skin and body shape manipulation in portrait photography
  • Photo Manipulation Services
  • Artificial light & shadow effects with advance dodge & burn techniques to maximize visual impact
  • Frequency separation
  • Sharpen
  • Background Changing if required and requested
  • Skin Tone Correction
  • Color & Lighting Enhancement
  • Lens corrections, Exposure
  • Face Swaps
  • Add filters/effects
  • Remove stray hairs
  • Real Estate Photography Editing
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Travel & Landscape Photo Editing

How are Landscape Photos Retouched?

Take your photography to next level by getting your landscape photographs edited by us:

  • Color enhancing of your landscape photo
  • Sharpness improvement and noise reduction
  • Straightening of vertical and horizontal lines (level of correction depends on your photo)
  • Removal of unnecessary small objects, if any
  • Dust removal, if any
  • Editing of any type of format (RAW, DNG, JPG.)

If you are looking for speedy, accurate and competitively priced work for commercial photography retouching services, you have landed at the right place! Specializing in Commercial, Beauty (portrait), Fashion, Product, Food/still, we have a plethora of professional services to offer.

We not only offer quick turnarounds but great emotions to you!