Acrylic Cover Albums

Product Code: AC 01

This Flush Mount Album is part of our Standard offering. The package comes with a Full Scape Acrylic Cover on the Wedding Album, complemented with a Male/Female Presentation Box. The binding leather can be of any color. The presentation box is in black only.

Acrylic Cover Album AC 01

Acrylic Cameo Covers

Product Code : AC 02

Another part of our standard offerings are Acrylic Cameo Covers. The package comes with an Acrylic Cameo on the Flush Mount Album and a Male/Female Presentation Box.

Acrylic Cameo Cover Album AC 02

Leather Cover Albums

Product Code : LC 01

Part of our Standard offering The package comes with complete leathertte covers on Album and a Male/Female Presentation Box. Multiple color options available for choice of leatherette.

Leather Cover Album LC 01