Stylish Album Cases

“An Album set that is 100% You!”

How do you make a professional product for photographers complete? Combine a matching Photo Album, Album Box and bag into a 1 combo set. Deliver your images in style. Your clients will love this simple, yet sophisticated form of heirloom. These albums and box collection allows you to unleash your creativity and create unique cover art. You can have the cover fully printed on Photo Album and the inside of the Album Box.

Photo Album sets are a 3 piece solution for those who want it all. Showcase your images in a beautiful album packaged in a creative album case made to match the Photo Album and Album Box. Customize the album to fit your style. Each collection is defined by a unique cover design, select one that speaks to you and personalize it to your liking with the available add-ons.

Choose from a wide array of textiles and leatherette materials to finish-off the cover and inside of your album with stylish box package in the Exclusive Collection. Personalize the cover of your photo Album and Album Box with cut-out windows and other available add-ons. Design a unique inside cover composed of images, graphics and text. Deliver a keepsake that is truly unique and represents your client’s style.

An Album to Match the Dress

The white grace collection is an ideal choice for any wedding celebration. Its stylish white leatherette combined with an impressive acrylic frame creates the perfect combination of luxury and elegance –What more could you ask for?

Many of our wedding photographer clients come up with this query that, their brides ask for albums matching the theme of the venue, or the dress, or invitation card etc. Such custom wedding album requirements are addressed with Album Design Store. Hues of blues, pinks, pastel shades etc. are offered keeping in mind the complete theme of the wedding. However nothing beats the classic grace of the white wedding album. It is class apart.

If you are looking for printing a wedding album with customized options with colours, materials etc. we would be happy to assist you with custom wedding albums with matching album cases and presentations boxes.

Fabric Cover Album with Wooden Box

Textile fabric albums are best fit for couples searching for classic linen album collection which comes with a matching linen box and bag. Available in several colors including pastel shades. The Stylish Album Presentation box collection is perfect for those who are looking for custom album products to compose their own idea.

We also offer combo patterns in Fabric albums with chaker patterns and plan fabric material. The pattern is used in the album box whereas the cover of the album is plain linen with color of your choice. It also comes with a matching color album bag to make it a complete album package.

The linen fabric series album range comes in wooden album boxes as well. Similar concept of patterns and colors are used, just the box is wooden to give it a traditional look. A special steel plate is used on the cover of the linen album printed with the name of the bride and the groom as well as the date of the wedding.

Duo Color Albums

Select from a common black or a unique white leatherette option. We also have plethora of other color options in turquoise, pink and other pastel shades. The Best choice for brides and grooms searching for unique albums that will have heads turning.

Combine it with your choice of cover pattern. Adorn your cover with text or dates. Have them engraved on the acrylic panel of your Photo Album and Album Box.

Bring Your Images to Life

Album Design store gives you almost endless possibilities to mix and match and chose from a variety of styles, colors, textures, patterns, paper type, cover options and add on Print your images in a lay flat album and store these heirlooms in a beautiful matching Album Box. Feature candid moment from any photo session in a fully personalized Photo Album Book clubbed with an album presentation case and a bag. Complement your album order with a one-of-a-kind album box. Select your favorite photos from a shoot and include them in a triple (Album, Box and a Bag) which would be one of the unique gift choice to family or loved ones.

Create high-quality personalized photo album with cases with your photographs and enjoy cherished moment for years to come. Not only sophisticated look but these album box wraps offer that extra protection.

Make It Truly Yours

Variety of materials and paper options

On top of a variety of materials and paper options, we also offer a wide-range of specific detailed personalisation. The availability of these options varies depending on the collection and product. We take pride in having the ability to offer a wide variety of paper options; and aim to provide the highest-quality papers which only enhance the photos printed on them.

To help you navigate your way through what at times can seem like our endless sea of products, connect to us. We will be happy to help you.