Our Bestselling Photo Albums for Weddings of Every Flavor

When it comes to wedding photos, memory cards and hard drives just don’t make the mark alone. Immortalizing memories of the special day in a photo album has retained its charm ever since photographers started clicking couples. Even today, wedding photographers find that couples immediately take shine to the wedding photo album.

There are hundreds of album specifications out there, however, finding the perfect album is the key. It could be a unique fabric or leather cover, or a larger capacity for holding hundreds of shots, or unique customization options within the layout, or attractively tech savvy such as a LED Screen Album.

How to zero in on the best photo album?

Finding a cover and style that can highlight the best moments while thematically complementing the couples seems like a hard task. At Album Design Store, we make this choice easy with our detailed categories of photo albums that can cater to weddings of every flavor.

Bestselling wedding photo albums have certain features that speak quality at first glance. As a wedding photographer, never compromise on showcasing your art in the best possible light. Here are certain parameters:

  • Cover: A range of options exist, such as, full acrylic cover or glass cover, full leather, or a leather cover with an acrylic window. The quality of the cover contributes to durability of the album. At the same time, it makes the first style statement.
  • Structure: Wedding photo albums are family heirlooms and should have sturdy binding and spine, firm corners, seamless spread without gaps and joints. No amount of fancy customization can save a poorly bound photo album.
  • Paper quality: Choose a variant that would match the template look. Album Design Store uses three archival-quality paper variants such as Matte, Silk, and Metallic. We know that a better quality of paper keeps the photographs in good condition for years to come.
  • Presentation: An album that comes in a boutique packaging such as album boxes, bags and presentation cases immediately convey a feeling of richness and robustness. Our range of signature albums with custom-designed presentation boxes is guaranteed to complement any wedding theme.

An album to match your wedding flavor

Wedding photo albums should portray a sense of exclusivity. This can be attained through customizations in cover, paper quality, and presentation. If a couple prefers the traditional and classic look, this leather album pleated with wooden strip both on the cover as well as the folio box is ideal. Further personalize it with name and dates embossed, and you can impress your clients with a bespoke item.

Leather albums are gorgeous due to their real sense of luxury. High-quality, handcrafted leather cover photo albums in portrait, square and landscape orientations with different paper choices will appeal to couples opting for the old-world, classy weddings.

Acrylic cover albums are great choices for contemporary vibes that allow a feature photo to be printed on the cover. The choices for the acrylic covers include the full cover, panoramic, or a large or small window. The images embedded on the cover have a glossy, enhanced finish to highlight it.

A truly modern choice would be the Transparent Acrylic Box With 3.0 Flash Drive. The specialty of this album presentation box is the beautiful acrylic see-through folio wrap that holds the album and USB. A sleek look with practical ease of use where both modes of viewing the photos is close at hand.

Enhance your studio offering

Our range of wedding albums span luxury and high-quality, to selective mid-range options that can suit all needs and budgets. Albums are best preserved when stored flat and presentation boxes are the best way to protect these wedding memories. With Album Design Store, you can match every wedding flavor while also enhancing the life of their photos. Every photographer’s effort can only profit from our range of craftsmanship.

Bestselling photo albums make an ideal pitch to remember a photographer’s contribution to the wedding. Inspire your clients to create an heirloom!