The Power of Sample Albums for Your Photography Business

Printed photo albums have a special place in our hearts! They don’t just let you preserve your special memories but do it with absolute style and finesse. Even in these days of digital photos, printed albums have held on to their own timeless appeal and, in all probability, will continue to do so.   

As a wedding photographer, a big chunk of your profitability and brand reputation lies in printed albums and how well you’re able to sell them. Believe it or not, one of the secrets to selling more albums is having a studio sample. Here’s why. 

Without sample albums, you are losing a lot of business

If you’ve never made sample albums a part of your client-meeting essentials, you’ve probably made a costly mistake. While it may seem like you’ve saved an unnecessary expense, in reality, you have killed a potential revenue source.

Showing photo album options on your tablet or laptop cannot match the hands-on tangible feeling. It is like asking clients to imagine the luxury feel, and high-quality print of a Leather Album with Presentation Box. You cannot expect your clients to buy things they haven’t experienced. 

Sample albums in your studio show your clients the value of preserving their photo memories in an album forever. If they can’t touch, feel and flip through an album, they won’t connect to it. An experience can, and often does, sell itself. Without a sample, a photographer has lost that sale!

The Power of Sample Albums for Your Photography Business

How sample albums play a role in growing your photography business

All in all, sample albums are a fantastic visual to convince and impress your clients. In fact, it’s a massive opportunity to make your sales increase and advertise your brand through the channel of albums. 

Many new couples are unaware of the rich options available in photo albums. Grab this opportunity to introduce it to them and educate them. A selection of sample albums for them to feel and experience at that moment could only open up their eyes to a possibility they might not have considered, but even more. A stunningly-crafted sample album can effectively conjure a desire for having “something like that for my wedding”. Thus, a sample may simply lead to a sale.

Invest in sample albums starting from standard, included in your package, to luxe ones that can be upgraded to and watch your investment pay off.

The Power of Sample Albums for Your Photography Business

What’s seen is sold

When it comes to enticing clients to buy albums, sample albums get the message right into their head, and sometimes even to their hearts. To strike an emotional connection, clients experiencing a sample album is a really important bit.   

Something as significant and precious as an album must be felt so that clients understand what they’re going to get. Sample albums downright display the way special moments will be portrayed. They let clients feel the luxurious quality of leather, or the chic look of acrylic with glass window, or the sense of secureness a sturdy and classy hardcover provides. 

At the end of the day, showing is selling. Contemporary designs, textured quality, high-resolution prints, they all have an appeal. An appeal that gives sample albums a power to convert hesitating clients, and impress those that have a penchant for high-end personalization. 

Place a sample album in your client’s hand, it will sell itself

Albums still represent a nostalgia that everybody connects with. When wedding clients pick up sample albums, it usually connects them to memories of their parents’ and grandparents’ wedding albums. This can be a great point of initiating a sale.

At Album Design Store there are a range of albums with various customization options to choose from. From presentation boxes to material choices in hard glass or acrylic covers, your clients will find themselves drawn to finalize at least one to elevate their experience. 

Maximize your profit by including albums in your package. All you need to do is display your art by investing in beautiful and unique sample albums in your studio. It’s how you get your clients to realize that a printed album is what they need.

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Photo Album Boxes and More Ways to Keep Precious Photos Organized

Photos represent years, even decades of memories — of celebrations and loved ones. No one wants to lose them to wear and tear or damages that may occur from keeping them improperly organized.

Here are some of our most helpful tips that help to keep precious photos organized—both printed and digital copies—so they can be revisited time and again. 

1. Get rid of magnetic albums 

Let’s start with albums. Now, albums are often the default way to store photographs. But all albums are not made the same way. Neither are they equally efficient in doing their job. In fact, some of them do more harm than good. For example, magnetic photo albums that were so popular from the 60s until the 90s — and can still be seen in many households — are one of the worst offenders. The pages in these albums are covered in an acetate adhesive, which gives off acids that can cause colors to deteriorate, leaves stains, and destroys photos for good over a period of time. So, it’s a wise decision to toss these albums. 

2. Invest in a good quality photo album with presentation box

This is really a no-brainer. Keeping a clutter of printed photographs in random boxes is a sure way to lose them, if not damage them permanently. Humidity and dirt are two of the worst enemies of printed photographs, so it’s best to invest in high-quality albums. Even better if you choose ones that come with photo album boxes.

Acrylic, leather, leatherette are all great materials for durable albums. But the key lies in construction and paper quality. Lay flat and flush mount albums are currently the gold standard in albums and offer the best combination of protection and aesthetics in terms of preserving photos. 

The archival quality photographic paper used in these albums makes the pages sturdy and guarantees long-term durability. After printing, the album is matched with custom-made expertly handcrafted presentation boxes to create an heirloom album. 

This is, by far, the best way to store all types of printed photos. If there are old prints and negatives lying around, it’s advisable to get them restored or reprinted and then, organize them neatly in a premium quality album.    

3. Back up digital photos 

Digital copies of photos are a step further in preserving them. They serve as backups in case the printed photos are lost or damaged. Professional photographers can also provide high-quality digital copies to their clients through a flash drive. Our albums and presentation boxes with flash drive cases combine the beauty and sophistication of handcrafted albums with the timelessness of digital backups. 

As such, these are some of our most in-demand products for our photographer and videographer clients. These album and HDD boxes can be customized in a ton of different ways and so they are perfectly suited to preserve the memories of any occasion.  

4. Treat fragile photos with extra care

Old photographs hold a lot of value, not only in terms of sentiments but also from historical perspectives. For particularly fragile photographs or vintage prints, it’s best to digitally restore them, and with additional support using archival quality paper or even mat board before rehousing them in albums. Scanning and creating digital backups of these photos is a preservation step that should not be missed. 

Finally, all photos must be grouped properly — according to specific occasions, life events, vacations, etc. — and neatly stored in separate albums. Album Design Store‘s flush mount acrylic album has a glass cover featuring a photo from the collection it holds — a great way to set the theme of the album. Or, you could keep things simple with a text spelling out the event printed or embossed on the cover of our leather photo album

Leafing through photos are a default way for most of us to recall memories close to the heart, and the quality of photos speak a lot when it comes to reliving those experiences. With these tips, it’s possible to keep precious photos and the stories that they tell last for the longest time possible.