Top Reasons to Combine Digital with Print Photos

There’s an undeniable charm in print photos — they hold decades of memories in their real and raw, true-to-the-touch form. Perhaps that’s why we are drawn to the tangible, professionally-crafted albums.   

Even in today’s world where everything has become digital, print photos hold their own. There’s no doubt, wedding albums and photo books are a part of every conversation we have with every client. Our beautifully finished heirloom albums contribute to their brand and serve as the biggest USPs of their business.  

The fact is, digital is probably never going to replace print. 

Then, why should you club digital with your print photos? Is it better for your business? Let’s break it down for you. 

Keep pace with the changing market

As with everything else, digital has seeped into many areas of life, including how people prefer to store their photos. No wonder that you’re getting more requests for digital copies than ever. And, that’s one of the reasons we’re talking on this topic. 

As a photographer and business owner, it’s crucial to be aligned with the market trends. And, offering digital copies with your printed albums is a step in that direction. There are also ways to stand out while doing so. For example, you can take advantage of the ultra-premium look and feel of our gorgeous handcrafted albums teamed up with USB flash drive — all perfectly packaged in an equally stunning presentation box that bears your logo.  

Ultimately, your business model must evolve to ensure you cater to the market and remain profitable. From this perspective, combining digital and print is just business 101.

Protection against accidental damage

Today, we recognize the need for digital files as a way to back up our print photographs. Your clients do as well. After all, no one wants to lose precious memories to unforeseen events like a house fire or flood. 

By giving your clients a backup of photos, curated and presented professionally, you’re making sure that they have a neatly organized high-quality digital version of their photos to fall back on if they happen to lose their printed photographs. You can be sure that your clients will appreciate the effort. 


Offer digital as a value-added service 

You might be wondering how to set yourself apart from droves of other photographers who are offering digital files to their clients? You can make a big difference by packaging your digital and print photo combo in a way that delights your clients and leaves a positive impression of your brand. 

You can position digital as a value-added service with little to no markup to promote your primary business — your photography delivered to your clients in the form of high-quality printed artwork. 

Check out our products designed specifically for this purpose. They combine the rich aesthetics of the most premium print products with the modern twist of USB flash drives through which you can provide professionally edited digital images to your clients. 

Like our other print products, these albums are immensely customizable to suit you and your clients. 


Add a feather in your customer service cap    

When you add a flash drive of high-quality digital copies to your printed albums, you’re enhancing the experience of your clients, letting them know you care about their needs, and on top of that, getting the option to put a higher price tag on the combined experience — all in one stroke.

In conclusion

Adding digital photos to your print offerings is not about tossing over a bunch of raw files to your clients. It’s an extension of your craft and can well contribute to the way your brand is perceived. 

So the next time you’re approached by a client asking for digital copies, remember these reasons. Or better still, make digital a part of your offering to future-proof your business. We can help you do that!