Product Code : WBA 01

This unique package comes with an Album that is folded like a calendar and put in an Encircled Wooden Packaging that comes with it. Name of couple and Date of Event is engraved on the Packaging. Layouts are printed on Metallic Yellow paper. Comes only in 1 size: 9×28.

Product Code : DU 01

This Cover of this Album is made of Wood and the printing is done on Textured Canvas paper that gives it a wooden feel all along in each page. Comes in only 1 size and upto 12 (thick) pages only.

Product Code : Canvas Book

This ‘Canvas Book’ comes with pages that are printed on Textured Canvas. The Left Page is White and Artistic Texts on top of it and the right page has Images. Best use for portrait images from the Wedding, Birthday, Maternity. Comes only in one size and up to 15 sheets.

Event Book

Product Code : EB 01

This Event Book is printed onRoyal Metallic pages and cover is of Sweat Leather. Gives a really nice feel and look. Comes only in 12×18 size and up to 20 sheets.

Event Book

Product Code : EB 02

This Event Book has a Wooden Slate as the base and the pages of the album are binded together on top of it which gives an exquisite feel of a unique Photo Book that is light in weight and yet sturdy.

Craft Box

Product Code : CB 01

Cover Box”  is the perfect gift for you to offer to your clients when you see them to deliver your Albums. The Craft Box comes with a 4-in-1 Frame, 1 Stand Alone Frame and a Dairy.