Why Our Custom USB/HDD Boxes Are More Than Pretty Keepsakes for Your Digital Products

There’s no doubt that the demand for digital photos is at an all-time high. Your clients are asking for it. The never-before convenience of being able to save thousands of memories from their special day in tiny USB sticks and share them with the world is fascinating to them! 

The rise of digital might have caused a dip in the popularity of printed albums. But prints are far from obsolete. No matter how much we hear those digital vs print debates, the fact remains the same that even the best high-definition image files can’t match the touch and feel of printed photographs. Prints are, and will always remain, the first choice of the most discerning couples. 

At the same time, digital is the hot new favorite in the wedding photography landscape. Let’s just say, there’s a market for both and as a smart business owner, you should be ready to cater to both.   

However, even if you are mostly selling digital photos, it doesn’t excuse you from paying attention to customer experience. If anything, it is what will help you set yourself apart from other photography businesses. So, if all you’ve been doing is arranging your best shots in a hard drive and handing it to the client, you’ve been leaving money on the table!    

Not anymore. 

With our USB/HDD boxes, you can elevate the way you serve your digital files. These specialty boxes are crafted to help you present your digital products distinctly with style. 

Why Our Combo USBHDD Boxes Are More Than Pretty Keepsakes for Your Digital Products I

Discover the Value of Presenting Stunningly Packaged Digital Products 

There’s a reason why brands spend millions of dollars in perfecting their packaging. And, it goes way beyond the aesthetics. 

Sure, beautiful packaging is pretty to the eyes. But their impact goes deeper than that. Masterful presentation enhances the experience of customers while reinforcing the value of the purchase. Simply put, people equate premium packaging with high quality. 

So, if you want your services to be perceived as “premium” or “high-end”, you need to up your presentation game.

Our collection of USB and HDD cases are handcrafted to perfection, which allows you to create the right impression much before a client has seen the photos. Each box has an impeccable finish and is designed to hold either a USB stick alone or a hard disk drive and its cable — everything secured perfectly into a fitted slot. Rest assured, they are a perfect prelude to your brilliant shots. 

The Enduring “Wow” Factor 

In today’s era where people are sharing their lives on social media, the excitement around digital files is awfully short-lived. In a week or so, no one will remember the photos posted on Facebook or Instagram. The USB drive will be stored away in a drawer and forgotten. 

However, it’s a whole different story when the digital files are housed in a beautiful presentation box that evokes the spirit of celebration. With the design, the color, and the custom etching, these premium boxes serve as a constant reminder of the special feelings and memories of the day. 

Take Advantage of Custom Branding  

The outstanding quality and finish of these boxes is rivalled only by the amount of customizations you can play around with. Besides the option of selecting from an assortment of classic tones, you can go ahead and get these boxes printed with the name or logo of your studio. Your can even get your clients’ names etched on the lid of the boxes in a variety of fonts or have them adorned in motifs.   

Nothing markets you better than a delighted client. And, having your products branded is one of the surest ways to get recommended. 

Final Blow-Up to Your Bottom Line

Goes without saying, digital files — just like your other products — should be profitably priced. But your digital files should ideally be your most expensive product, given the slash in your earning potential that comes from handing all your digital files to clients. A premium handcrafted USB box sweetens the deal by offering more value to clients.