Weddings Around the Globe: Cultures & Traditions Peculiar to Weddings in Different Regions

Weddings are a pious ceremony around the globe. Despite the differences in culture, traditions and ways, wedding ceremonies in different countries around the world are focused at organizing elaborate events, where family and loved ones come together to celebrate the holy bond and bless the couple. Global wedding cultures promote social celebration and make individual feel loved and blessed. Weddings all around the world are known for peculiar traditions influenced by local cultures. Some of the most amazing cultural weddings include:

Traditional Italian Weddings

Italian Weddings

Italian weddings are known for traditional customs that includes the couple walking to chapel on foot, shattering a vase to ascertain number of years of successful marriage by broken pieces, and people setting up log cutting event with double-handed saw to see how wedding partnership would work. Also, a tradition involves the bride carrying a bag made for satin containing envelopes for the guests. The male guests wear envelope with money for an exchange dance.

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Traditional Chinese Weddings


Traditional Chinese weddings are all about naughtiness and taunts where the bridesmaids taunt groom on his way to bride’s home – making him offer money to them for entering bride’s home. Once the bridesmaids are satisfied of the monetary offer, they leave way for groom to enter the house and have tea with bride’s parents. Drinking tea served by the bride with her parents is considered as a parting ritual after which wedding ceremony is concluded.

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Traditional Nigerian Weddings


Nigeria, an African nation with numerous tribal communities, is known for some peculiar wedding traditions too. Yoruba community, native to Nigeria, is known to make bride and groom taste different things as a symbol to give taste of various feelings that they will experience together in lifetime, e.g. peppercorns for bitterness, fish for nourishment and honey for their happiness together. The Ibo community, native to southwestern Nigeria, is known for celebrating weddings where a village/family elder gives a wooden stick that symbolizes trust, unity and indestructibility of the couple’s relation.

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Traditional Jewish Weddings


Traditional Jewish weddings involve the bride entering ‘Huppah’ and circling the groom seven times as a symbolization of groom being the center of her world. The circling represents the seven wedding blessings and seven days of creation, as believed by Jews and bring good omen for the couple.

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