Acrylic Wedding Album

Acrylic Wedding Album Ready to Ship to New York!

It’s the beautiful month of June Weddings, and we are ready to ship 6 of our albums today to New York. Here is a glimpse of one such album for you. Particularly choosing this one to share with you for a reason; this acrylic album is the most trending amongst our wedding photographer clients and sells like hot cakes! Almost 6 out of 10 albums we ship are this one. Let us take you through the details of this black acrylic album with a unique presentation case.

So this happens to be an Indian wedding in New York, United States. Most of our wedding albums are designed for Jew and Catholic weddings as well as African weddings. This is one of few Indian weddings in our kitty! The wedding album layout is completely designed as per their style and requirements.

This lay Flush mount album is a complete packaged combination of a Flush Mount Wedding Album, a creatively designed hand crafted Presentation case accompanied with a bag for the extra protection to make the logistics smooth as well as to preserve the album for years to come! The cover of this wedding book is full acrylic. The album sheets comprises of 400 GSM of thick sheets used for binding the album. You can customize the thickness of your album sheets used to bind the album from 100 GSM up to 800GSM of thickness. A high quality leatherette is used to bind the album in black color. Our highly skilled artisans craft the album to enhance the look and feel of your wedding photos.

This acrylic flush mount wedding album has lay flat binding to give a seamless look to the couple’s wedding book. Matt paper is used to print the sheet of this acrylic album. It is then put inside this handmade album presentation box which is crafted with leatherette texture. The album presentation box also has an acrylic cameo placed in a rectangular form opening from both the left and right sides. The magic lies in how the box is uncovered to discover the album! The acrylic wedding album with the album presentation box is then placed inside the final packaging of a designer bag which is made of the same material as the wedding album thus ensuring uniformity of the complete wedding album package. The album bag makes it easier for the bride and the groom to carry the wedding album around and also serves a layer of extra protection for long term durability. Thus an all in one solution of a wedding album, album presentation case as well as album bag.

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