5 Foolproof Ways to Make Your Clients Want a Printed Album

Many clients these days are happy to just receive digital copies of their photos. Of course, it goes to show how the consumers and the industry have evolved with time. But it hasn’t killed the demand for printed albums. After all, printed albums are matchless in the way they heighten the experience for the client and present the artistry of the photographer in full glory. 

That’s not all. While a printed album combines the creativity and professionalism of a photographer’s craft, it also makes for significant appreciation in business profits. As a photographer, especially if you’re dealing with wedding clients, you can achieve thriving growth in your photography business by selling albums to your clients. 

Whet their desire for a printed album

There is a reason we fondly remember the family moments where flipping through albums and telling the associated stories were afternoons and evenings of delight. Help your clients see the value of printed Signature albums becoming a part of their personal histories. 

Here are five ways to make your clients want a printed album.

1. Start with the samples themselves

Often, clients don’t realize that they need an album until they touch and feel one. Studio album samples should be of high-quality craftsmanship so that clients fall in love with the product. Every photographer should include a range of customized designs so that the right one clicks for a client. For instance, our Leather Album with Presentation Box from our professional collection for photographers is a bestselling studio sample.  

5 Foolproof Ways to Make Your Clients Want a Printed Album

2. Champion the framing of moments today for the stories of tomorrow 

Social media will get the carefully posed and the best poised pictures. They will not have all the scenes of the story, and the story is important. 

From the carefully selected favors and table flowers, to the deep discussions about song selection, the bride’s apprehension just before the gown, the groom’s nervous laughter with his best man, the parents sitting together in thought, the cousin’s mistimed joke, the best friend’s awkward dance—so many moments make an occasion special. All these can go into an album, and become the bestseller that comes out at every gathering.

3. Sell the idea of an heirloom that will always be present

Online pictures can be shared wide but once you scroll away, they lie almost untouched in the marked folder. Besides, who is to say that the same social media platforms and storage devices will remain in use years late? Wedding books however, will always be around to flip through. 

In short, scrolling through the photos of their D-day doesn’t even compare to the experience of flipping the pages of a handcrafted heirloom album.

5 Foolproof Ways to Make Your Clients Want a Printed Album

4. Include printed albums in the package

Budget will be an important point of consideration for many clients. You can easily glide over this by including album designing and printing in the photography package itself. Since ordering later or separately turns out costlier, many clients are convinced to take it up.

5. Make it difficult to refuse and easier to buy

It really is a two-way approach. Many photographers often go ahead and pre-design a lavish spread either as a sample or as a draft before the final design. When clients have this tangible experience, it becomes impossible to let go. Second, include incentives, freebies, installment payment options, etc. so that clients are more inclined to buy.  

Clients trust photographers to capture the best moments of their special days, they will certainly trust them when they show the best way to present those memories as well.

Albums always click

As photographer you should remember that approaching the sale with the right intent will invariably lead to clients choosing to purchase an album. Don’t just sell a product, make a client see the value of an album as a timeless treasure. 

At Album Design Store, we can ease the whole pitch for you with our luxurious range of printed albums. We produce albums in acrylic to leather or linen finishes, have deluxe presentation boxes with glass and wood detailing, and manufacture high-quality prints in gloss and matte papers. Let us help you make your own album line a profitable reality!

5 Unique Twists on a Standard Wedding Photo Album

The wedding season is here. A lot of couples are going to create memories that will last them a lifetime and some more. Helping them capture these memories are wedding photographers. And, it’s the seamless coordination, collaboration, and communication between the two that culminate to that one product: The dream wedding album!

The wedding album look has gone places. No more of that standard, a photo book that comes out only during nostalgia. You can now give unique twists to a standard wedding album. Here are five ideas on how to do that. 

1. Creativity with presentation boxes

Boxes that contain your albums make them more durable and also adds an extra richness to the contents inside. Presentation boxes or album box covers can have endless customizations. Your unique presentation box can have an acrylic window with a feature photo or can have rich leather. You can even emboss your presentation box with initials, wooden plates, and the color possibilities are immense.

2. Albums that become an heirloom piece

An album is not only meant for storing photos. Crafted the right way, it can transform into an heirloom that will be prided for generations. Feature intimate details from your wedding like a place for some dried flowers of your wedding bouquet, the invitation card, some lace from your wedding dress, the groom’s button bloom, or even some sand from your beach wedding venue. Heirloom albums within these boxes will make them complete.

3. Digitally-loaded album boxes

A professional product for photographers and videographers, and an assuring one for couples. The digital copies and back-ups of wedding photos and videos have almost become necessary now. You don’t have to hunt for that USB again when the guests want to see the photos! Boxes with a customized 3.0 Flash Drive has a place for your USB stick and HDD right within the box. The best way to deliver all images and raw footage in a simple, sophisticated, and convenient style.

4. Paper-free albums

Sustainability is a preferred theme for many weddings these days. Take this a step further and go paper-free for your wedding album as well. A unique twist to a standard wedding photo album could be one with a detachable LED screen. This premium album idea features a sophisticated box that stores the video player, stand, cable, etc. Feature a photo on top or monogram it to get your own sleek futuristic album.

5. Vintage archiving

Archival boxes for holding your wedding photo album are a great way to lend a retro touch to your memories. Handmade paper or pigmented cloth bindings can create a special personalized touch to your album. This effect can also come through the leather that has been distressed artistically or embossed. Even the photos can be printed on archival-quality paper variants like matte, silk, and metallic.

In the end, the memories reign supreme. Why not make sure that they are the best that can be? Album Design Store prints photos and creates masterpieces in custom presentation boxes and album box covers. So, the couples can concentrate on creating memories and the wedding photographers can focus on capturing them. Visit us to create the most unique wedding photo album today!