Top Reasons To Include Parent Albums in Your Studio Offering

For someone running a photography business in the current times, constantly looking for new ways to promote your business and remain profitable is next to necessity.

If you’re especially dealing with wedding clients, there’s a clear avenue for you to increase your ROI. This includes good returns on not only your monetary investment but also your hard work and brand value. We’re talking about parent albums. 

These are smaller albums, either identical or slightly altered copies of the main wedding album ordered by the clients. The project design remains the same inside but the outward can be customized to suit all tastes. Photographers should offer these albums in their service package for added value and profit.

Let’s see how including parent albums in your studio offerings can a smart business idea. 

1. A great upselling opportunity

Wedding couples may not typically consider a separate album for their parents. However, no couple can refuse the idea of sharing a copy of an important album capturing a life-changing moment with the parents. Suggesting parent albums are a great upselling opportunity for photographers. 

At Album Design Store, we often design them as the lighter version of the main album chosen by the client. Thus, a photographer includes more merchandise based on the same time and effort invested. 

2. A way to maximize profit

Parent albums come with the wedding album package at a discount. As a photographer, one has the freedom to maximize the profit by marking up on the studio price. On the other hand, one can also pass on a reasonable part of the discount to their client in turn. Alternatively, a photographer can do both. 

An effective sales technique is to let a client know how much they save when they opt for a parent album package as opposed to buying two or three albums separately. Most clients will include parent albums for a fairly painless price point. 

3. Add value to your services

When the couple’s parents show off their high-quality parent album to their circle of friends who may never see the master album, it makes way for additional exposure for your brand. This essentially earns much goodwill for you, the photographer who suggested the idea and provided an ideal memento to look back on and relive the celebration. Now, the clients too would be thrilled to have and exercise the option to present their loved ones with the same experience. 

Just like the main albums, you can have parent albums bear your brand or logo in a high-definition finish. While the word-of-mouth marketing of a photographer’s amazing work is already good publicity, a beautifully crafted parent album is a cherry on the icing! 

4. Personalized to appeal 

Parent albums are often viewed as a gesture for the bride and groom to honor the love and support of their parents. Here, the onus lies in the capabilities of the company designing your albums to capture the sentiments aptly and convey them beautifully. Our albums and presentation boxes exude hand-crafted elegance and premium feel, taking care of all considerations. All that is needed is are the clients’ preference. 

Parent albums can have the exact same design as the original bride and groom’s album. At the same time, those who desire a little more customization to make it special for their parents can have their pick too. 

Parent albums can be dedicated to both sets of parents. We offer endless customizations through three different album styles, Acrylic, Leather, and Leather with Acrylic Window. Clients can also stylize further by choosing from three archival-quality paper variants matte, silk, and metallic.

In conclusion, parent albums, as an additional product, stand to increase the value of a photographer’s service, with very little effort and investment and pave the way for some additional income. As a photographer, you are providing your clients with a perfect way to say “thank you”.

If you’re a photographer who wants to start offering parent albums, then you have made the right choice. Get in touch with us to explore your parent album options that will help you grow your business and earn more.